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Magic Charge Card


This morning I’m doing a little V-day shopping, reaching into my gorgeous cherry red MK handbag and paying with my {magic charge card}. You know…the one where the bill gets sent to Cupid.

Boots for Elliott…



How adorable would Holden look in these, y’all…



Valentine jammies are a must…

{jams via}

Etsy love…



And finally, something for Jay…



Happy early {virtual} Valentine’s Day!

What would you treat yourself or your loved ones to with your magic charge card?

A Very Michael Kors”y” Christmas

I {heart} Michael Kors.

I loved him on Project Runway.

I love his clothing.

I’m trying to focus on having more quality, classic pieces in my wardrobe rather than a bunch of cheap separates. However, I don’t want to spend a ton on the classics. I found some MK jeans for $9.99 {MSRP $79.50} at Ross this afternoon and picked them up with a gift card I got from my Pops for Christmas.

These are the exact jeans:

{Uh, no, I will not look nearly as good in them as this gal! Nor would I be able to pull off those heels! Image via nordstrom.com}

Love the “M” & “K” on the tush!

My MIL got me this darling MK top for Christmas:


I LOVE it! It’s so very me.

Thinking it’ll be perfect for New Year’s.

Then my BIL {bro-in-law} was so sweet to get me these beauties for Christmas:

{MK Montserrat sunglasses ~ image found here}


He was here visiting about a year ago when I lost my old MK shades….I think I left them in a dressing room or something. ;-( I was heartbroken.

I promised him I’d be VERY careful with these!


Thanks to everyone for spoiling me with all these goodies from one of my favorite designers!

Coming up tomorrow…..another VERY special gift that was under the tree for me this year.

Happy Monday!

Best Dressed

Even after last week’s back-to-school shopping fiasco, I decided to challenge myself and take the kids to Marshall’s to look for school shoes.

I’m happy to report, though, that we had a successful outing and came home with these cuties:

Michael Kors (my fave) glittered flats!

She LOVES, loves, loves them and of course so do I.

I’d seen them in pink awhile back, but then discovered the more versatile silver and was thrilled they had them in her size.

Only $19.99!


The creme de la creme…we strolled through the clothing racks and found several gems. She’s currently into the “dress and legging look”. We scored some 2-piece outfits that we both agreed on and some cute little tops to go with her jeans. Oh, and some knee highs….those were a must!

I was tickled that we were able to get this knocked out and that I don’t have to spend my weekend running around town to 5 different places.

She’s happy.

I’m happy.

I didn’t spend a fortune.

This morning we walked up to the school {just about 1/4 mile away} and turned in ALL the paperwork. She is officially enrolled!

Now we’re just waiting for the new big girl backpack to be delivered and we’ll REALLY be ready for kindergarten.

Well, maybe physically, but not mentally……

…my Baby Girl is growing up.