From Zero To Crazy

The lazy days of summer are over.

Here’s what the last several days have looked like…{hence, my lack of posts!}

It was a…

{kindergarten teacher meet-and-greet scootering}

{mug swapping and shipping}

{germy ride enjoying}

{ice cream social-ing and 2nd grade teacher discovering}

{ukelele practicing}

{lunch packing}

{first-day-of-school skipping}

{new school clothes modeling}

{sushi lunch celebrating}

{fancy dessert-ing}

{new morning routine making}

{horse race maiden voyaging}

{pony riding}

{hawaiian ice sharing}

{secret beach finding}

{new friend making}

{perfect 10 having}

{first soccer practicing}


And the fun just keeps coming.

It’s only Tuesday, right?

One thought on “From Zero To Crazy”

  1. Just like the grand finale in the 4th of July fireworks, this was one wonderful way to end the summer. I enjoyed being with you all and experiencing the joy and love of family. It was the best–from sweaty bodies, sandy hands, and bouncy slides right to the sleepy heads at night!

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