Spring Shoot

This morning we took a trip to a local nature preserve and Jay shot some pics.

Holden displays his “big muscles”:

Sweet nature girl:

My favorite of the day:

Sibling silliness:


It isn’t Spring without spotting a ladybug:

Me with my pre boot camp muffin top:

Holden’s war wound:

Because you always wear cheetah print ballet flats on a nature hike:

Spring has sprung!

2 thoughts on “Spring Shoot”

  1. Adorable! Where did you go? We went to the Placerita Canyon Nature Center on Saturdady and had a blast. It was so beautiful!

  2. Lisa, it’s right off Calgrove Blvd. across from Calgrove Kennels….not too sure what it’s called, but you can hike up a steep mountain or take some other trails. We were just there to snap a few pics, but the kids loved it and I can’t wait to go back and do some actual hiking. The place where you went sounds great, too. We’ll have to check that out next time. Great seeing you last Friday. Hope we can all get together again this week! XOXO

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