Snack On This

Holden’s party is just 3 days away and I’m doing as much as I can now to alleviate stress and extra running around in the next couple days. The fact that the party is NOT at our house helps A LOT!

But, there are still little things that need to be done like packaging party favors, picking up plates and napkins and adding a little something extra to plain water bottles.

 The party is mid-afternoon so I figured a light snack along with cake & ice cream would be enough. Elliott had her 6th birthday party at a local state park and the guests created their own trail mix. They really seemed to enjoy it, but it meant packing and hauling lots of extra containers to hold all the items. I decided this time around to pre-make the mix and serve it out of big glass canisters with a huge serving spoon.

: Safari Snack Mix :


This is the perfect thing to toss together to feed a crowd and can be tailored to easily fit with any theme.

Here is what I used…

2-6.75 ounce boxes of Annie’s Ginger Snap Bunny Cookies

2-12 ounce bags of Jungle Animal Cookies {same brand as the pink & white Circus ones}

1-16 ounce bag of Snyder’s pretzel twists

2-4.5 ounce bags yogurt raisins

2-5.5 bags dried pineapple

2-6 ounce bags banana chips

1-12 ounce carton Whoppers

1-11.8 ounce bag coconut m&m’s

2-3.1 ounce boxes of cupcake bites

1-10 ounce bag mini marshmallows

1-20 ounce jar of lightly salted peanuts {served in a separate container on the side in case of allergies}

I just mixed it up in two batches in a large bowl and divided into gallon ziploc bags to keep it fresh until party time!

There are so many other things that you could add and/or substitute into this mix…

Goldfish crackers {I’m not a big fan of the rainbow variety, but they would add lots of color to the mix}

Almonds, cashews or any other nut

Dried cranberries {or any dried fruit}

Any dry cereal {Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, etc.}

Pirate’s Booty

Teddy Grahams


Bits of granola

Caramel corn or popcorn

Milk Duds

Fritos or Cheetos


Have fun creating your own sweet & salty combination!


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