Jar Of Hearts



I pinned these jars on Pinterest a million and a half years ago and have had a nice sized pickle jar cleaned off, bleached out and ready for a plastic animal, some glue and some spray paint for months now.

I finally threw this together in a matter of minutes this morning and cannot wait to make more to hold little trinkets around the house.


{hot glue + spray paint = cute}

I dug this little elephant out of Holden’s toy basket and turns out it’s perfect for his party ~ it will hold peanuts for the Safari Snack Mix! Wanted to keep the peanuts separate in case of any allergies.

After the party, this little jar will hold random Lego pieces. You know….ones like this:


What the what? Found this after I dropped the kids off at school this morning. A FB friend said it was the fifth member of Village People…ha!

Anywhoo! Getting back to the jars….how adorable are these for Spring/Easter???




Start saving your old jars and finding toppers for them!

Simple, easy & chic ~ these jars have my heart.

Happy Thursday!


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  1. Do it! 😉 Easiest, cutest storage containers ever! Making some with bugs on them too for Lego pieces. So fun. XO

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