11 Things That Float My Summer Boat

Coconut Creme Coffee-mate:


Flip flop Nutter Butters:


You KNOW I’ll be attempting to make these before summer’s end!


Paul Frank beach cruiser:


I’ve always wanted a girlie beach cruiser ever since my college days of living in Pacific Beach. A girl can still dream.


Miss Trish of Capri flops:


Saw them at Target for Elliott, passed, went back to get them in her size and they were gone.

Why haven’t I learned my lesson? You can always buy them and return, but if you don’t buy them they will be gone!


Extra ice americanos with Splenda & a splash of half & half:


Concerts in the park:


Fun straw hats:


Kaftans & Big Glasses:



A rainbow of Havs:


Filling many punch cards here:


Spending lots of time in any body of water:

Simple. Sweet. Silly. Sweaty. Sunny. Starry. Sticky. Suntanned. Slurpee-filled. Swimmy. Splashy.


Only 11 more days.

{All photos courtesy of Google Images unless otherwise noted}

2 thoughts on “11 Things That Float My Summer Boat”

  1. Oh! Love this post!! I always seem to love, and be ready for, each season as it comes around…but SUMMER especially! Those nutter butters are too cute!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Especially concerts in the park (that’s where we’ll be on Saturday!) And the cruiser (we’ll be riding ours to the concert.) Yay, summer!

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