Transformer Starts With {T}

Today was Holden’s preschool picture day.

I had visions of spikey hairs, a nice crisp cotton button-up shirt with dark jeans and his new Chuck Taylors.

He had other ideas…

His favorite {Rock N Roll} shirt ~ Ross

Plaid cargo shorts ~ Old Navy

Outer space socks ~ Ross

Plaid slip-ons ~ Crazy 8

Spikey hairs ~ got2b glued

At least I got my spikey hairs ~ 25% ain’t bad!

This little one is growing up…

Next school pics will be sometime around May in his cap and gown.

Scary, I know.

Life needs to s-l-o-w down.

Is was also Share Day ~ letter of the week is {T}.

Transformer starts with {T}!


THURSDAY also starts with {T} ~ hope yours is a happy one!


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