A Spoonful Of Sugar


This past Sunday afternoon I attended Blog Sugar.

{I was lame and did not take any pictures….please click link above to see oodles from the amazing event}

Even though I went by myself, I wasn’t ALONE. I prayed on the drive down.

I just kept reminding myself, “All you have to do is BE YOURSELF, Amy!”


I immediately met Kimmie while walking through the parking lot.

{Kimmie was so sweet to mention me in her post. I was so touched.}

It was a treat to meet Erin {who has been a faithful flopper for almost as long as I’ve been blogging}, Mel, Heather and Jessica!

I took a deep breath and introduced myself to Meg and Julie.

I was honored to share a table for the evening with Michele, Paula, one of the only gentlemen there and his wife and darling Andrea!

I got to sit in and listen to Lindsey, Julie & Jeannett and Jen during our three breakout sessions.

Lindsey taught me so much about {juggling} gracefully.

Julie taught me so much about putting YOURSELF out there for GOD’s good. Your {little} idea could snowball into so much more.

Jeannett taught me that my blog is not MY blog and to always “Bring it!”

Jen taught me more about the art of taking beautiful photos to tell my story.

I was humbled to learn more about LOVE146 and spoke to Danielle on the way out as I picked up a tee and made a donation to this worthy, worthy cause.

As I was going through my fun swag bag, I came across a printable from Red Letter Words that really resonated with me…

She knew that she was here for such a time as this

Even though I was nervous the entire time and just kept chatting to hide my nerves, {I knew that I was there because that is where I belong} ~ in the presence of dozens and dozens of other women who blog for the exact same reason that I do.

To share.

To inspire.

To encourage.

To grow.


She knew that she was here for such a time as this

I love that. {thank you, Dee!}

Here is a fun {vlog} from the conference put together by Denise @ Victory Road…look for me, the girl in the hat, at about 1:40.

And if meeting all these vibrant, talented ladies and hearing their words was not enough, I also won the first giveaway of the evening ~ an adorable Gussy Sews tote and a gorgeous Lisa Leonard pinwheel necklace!

Thank you! Thank you!

Some other beautiful ladies I met were Aly, Crystal, Emily, Genn, HannahHeather, JamiKate, Kim, LeslieMindyNancy & Shauna.


This post is merely a spoonful from the gorgeous, vintage bowl of sweetness that was Blog Sugar.

Above all, I learned that I have so much more to learn.

My eyes are open. My heart is open.

Thank you Rachel, Andrea & Jen!

It was so so great.


10 thoughts on “A Spoonful Of Sugar”

  1. LOVED meeting you, Amy! One of my highlights, for sure! I wish we would have gotten a picture together. You are so, so, sweet! And, Congrats on getting the first raffle prize, I was so excited for you!

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments, Heather & Mel, on this post. It took me FOREVER and a day to write…I think it was because I didn’t have any pictures to support my words and I wanted to make sure my words were enough. I had such a great time and I must say that you two ladies were not going to get out of there without meeting me! 😉 Next time around let’s chat more! I won’t be so nervous! XOXO

  3. Amy, I found your site! Yay! 🙂 Your kids are the cutest! I was so thrilled to meet you on Sunday. I just keep replaying the night over and over – can we do a replay?? Have a great weekend! 🙂

  4. Paula, I agree…we need an instant replay! It was wonderful ~ I was SO nervous about going by myself, but when HE is there too, there is nothing to worry about. Such a joy sitting with Michele and you. I am getting a new {smart} phone and will start tweeting! 😉 Looking forward to peeking more at your blog. XOXO

  5. i LOVED meeting you. i wish i had seen you inside because i can’t remember your face without the sunglasses. 🙂 when i met someone else i popped her sunglasses up. ha ha ha
    your blog business cards was sweet too!
    cute cute!
    good for you for coming by yourself!
    you are BRAVE.

  6. so so so glad i met you. 🙂 that is quite the list of awesome ladies – right? CRAZY! 🙂

    and a drive thru coffee bean? no WAY?!?! i’d kill for a drive thru starbucks (why are they always in places where i am road tripping and need to go inside to use the ladies room!?!?) instead of here when i need to make a quick stop! BOO! 🙂

    PS you should edit the settings on your blogger profile so i can reply to your comments! 🙂

  7. It was a true treat to hug you that day. I have been meaning to write and tell you so ever since. And the sweet note cards you gave me…I literally teared up when I opened them. SO sweet, so personal, and so awesome that you would remember me. I just wish there was MORE time to hang out. Blog Sugar needs to be longer…or maybe we just need to meet up and “flop” more often! Love you, friend!!

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