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Our little tapper/ballerina performed in her third recital yesterday.

Each time she becomes more confident & more graceful.

As I was spraying up stray hairs, resecurring bobby pins and retouching lip liner & sparkly gloss, she kept saying, “C’mon, I need to go backstage!”

{sorry for the teeny tiny picture…I snagged it off Facebook [thanks, Julianne!] and can’t get it sized any bigger, but you get an idea of how darling she looked}

She’s so proud of her trophies. The first one broke 4 hours after she got it, was repaired and is now broken again. The second one crashed and burned last week, but so far this one is still standing. We’ll get the other two patched up and display all three {high} up away from little 4-year old boy hands.

She may be proud of her plastic trophies, but we’re even more proud of the tiny dancer she’s become.

Here’s to many more toe taps, shuffle steps, jazz hands, grand jetés, pliés, chassés, pas de bourrées and hopefully trophies that stay in one piece.

Band-aids, Ballet & Battlestar Galactica

I took this picture to show off Miss Elliott’s new tap shoes.

She looked so darling in her new navy blue unitard with hot pink hearts, silver sparklies and cute little ruffled sleeves. Her shiny new tap shoes tied with a neat bow.

Then there is the band-aid on her knee!

The adhesive bandages that she wanted NOTHING to do with months ago are now flying off the medicine cabinet shelves. We had Curious George, Hello Kitty, Sesame Street and Disney Princess varieties and still, about 8 weeks ago, there were NO takers. Now we’re just down to the “adult”, plain, generic, boring skin-colored version and, still, those are seeing popularity. Any little itch, pain, scratch, dry skin, you name it….they need a band-aid.

The same thing goes for those temporary tattoos…one day she wanted not a thing to do with them and now she wants me to apply them weekly ~ and those things stay on FOREVER!

Maybe she’s watching too much Miami Ink. {wink}

Jay captured this picture last night at dance class.

It’s the quintessential dance pose, isn’t it?

(I thought this was taken during the ballet portion of her class, hence the “Ballet” in the post title. Somehow “Band-aids, Tap & Battlestar Galactica” doesn’t have the same ring to it, so I’ll leave it as is. Just wanted you all to know that I noticed this discrepancy) {my OCD coming out}

Today is Holden’s big outer space birthday party.

We are heading to another universe this afternoon for some space travel.

I’m glad the solar system is working in our favor right now and we have SUN! Hip hop hooray!

More cosmic photos to come……

Happy Weekend!