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Lemony Crispix

When I saw this recipe, I knew it was going to come alive in my kitchen soon.

We make Puppy Chow every Christmas. However, this offers the perfect tangy twist for springtime.

It really is like eating a lemon bar, without all the fuss.

Pick up some festive Easter or Spring cellophane bags, fill ’em with lemony goodness and share with friends & neighbors.

Don’t forget to save some for the Easter Bunny!


{The recipe calls for 9 cups of cereal. I used the whole box of Crispix ~ about 12 cups. All other measurements were left the same.}


I am whipping up a couple batches of Puppy Chow for Jay’s co-workers and the neighbors.

This stuff is addicting!

You may see me on the A&E show “Intervention” because of it.

You can find the recipe for this drug here.

This is what you’ll need:


It’s super quick and easy, but sometimes a bit messy with the powdered sugar. I just get a paper Trader Joe’s bag, dump the powdered sugar in there, add the coated Crispix and shake! Then I spread onto a cookie sheet to dry a bit before bagging it up.


One 12 oz. box of Crispix only makes 5 little snack-size bags (with a little leftover for the cook and her assistant!) The recipe says 9 cups, but I go ahead and use the whole 12 oz. box (about 12 cups) so it isn’t quite so powdered sugary! Also, I melt the peanut butter, chocolate chips, butter and vanilla in a sauce pan over the stove instead of in the microwave. Less chance of burning or heating the chocolate too fast. This will make it seize up and get grainy – Blech! But I’m sure if you follow the directions and decide to use the micro, it’ll be just fine!

Found some cute snowflake bags at Dollar Tree ~ 25 cellophane bags for a buck! Cheap!


Your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors (and anyone else) will LOVE you!

Happy Chowing!