I am whipping up a couple batches of Puppy Chow for Jay’s co-workers and the neighbors.

This stuff is addicting!

You may see me on the A&E show “Intervention” because of it.

You can find the recipe for this drug here.

This is what you’ll need:


It’s super quick and easy, but sometimes a bit messy with the powdered sugar. I just get a paper Trader Joe’s bag, dump the powdered sugar in there, add the coated Crispix and shake! Then I spread onto a cookie sheet to dry a bit before bagging it up.


One 12 oz. box of Crispix only makes 5 little snack-size bags (with a little leftover for the cook and her assistant!) The recipe says 9 cups, but I go ahead and use the whole 12 oz. box (about 12 cups) so it isn’t quite so powdered sugary! Also, I melt the peanut butter, chocolate chips, butter and vanilla in a sauce pan over the stove instead of in the microwave. Less chance of burning or heating the chocolate too fast. This will make it seize up and get grainy – Blech! But I’m sure if you follow the directions and decide to use the micro, it’ll be just fine!

Found some cute snowflake bags at Dollar Tree ~ 25 cellophane bags for a buck! Cheap!


Your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors (and anyone else) will LOVE you!

Happy Chowing!

2 thoughts on “Intervention”

  1. One of the moms in my MOPS group brought this to our last meeting. I had never had it before but you are SOOOOO right! It is like snack crack. I went back for seconds! Now I’ll have to try to make some myself.

  2. OMG Amy!!! I made those too!!! I made a double batch to bring to work!! 18 cups of that stuff!! Oh man… that is sooooo addicting!!! Total drug as you say!!! I ended up eating waaaaay too much of that stuff… then had leftovers I had to bring home!! ugh!!! ooooohhhh so good!!!!! 😉

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