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Take A Hike!

This morning we checked out Placerita Canyon State Park.

We figure we’d better get out and do this stuff before the temps get over 100*…which will be soon enough!

There is a trail to a waterfall, but it was 5 miles round trip! The tikes aren’t quite ready for that just yet, so we hiked to the water tower instead!

Enjoying the view:

{I am currently obsessed with these $3 Organic Cotton “wife beater” racer back tanks from Wal-mart}

My absolute fave pic of the day:

Playing in the creek:

We learned all about owls and this little falcon:

Try explaining “taxidermy” to an almost 5 year old, too! That’s fun….

“Is it dead?”

“Uh, yes it is, Sweetie.”

“Well, why is it’s eyes open?”

“Uh, well…..”

I told her she would learn more about it in school when she gets older! Is that bad???

Seriously, how do you explain that?

Nature sure is tiring:

Hope your weekend has been full of exploring and one adventure after another!