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Pollo Two Ways {a la Pinterest}

Lately I’ve been at a loss of what meals to prepare…trying to eat healthier, but keep the menu exciting.

I also haven’t been spending a lot of time on Pinterest, but remembered that I have oodles of recipes just waiting to be tested. I clicked around and was reminded of two which I made this weekend ~ both yummy and on the healthier side. Win. Win. At least in my book!

Crispy Grilled Southwest Burritos

 Suuuper yum….just used some PAM on my grill pan and they turned out crispy and perfect!

Tonight we tried Chicken Tamale Casserole from Cooking Light.

This, too, was delicious and different.

I served it on a little chopped romaine and garden tomato salad with this spiiiicy sauce as a dressing. If you can handle heat and you want a lo-cal dip, dressing or condiment, you need to make this. I’ve had the Pioneer Woman version {made with full mayo}, the reduced guilt version that I attempted {half mayo, half light sour cream and the juice of 2-3 limes} and Julie’s brilliant concoction {fat free greek yogurt and lime juice…and the chipotles in adobo, too, of course!}. I can tell you that I cannot tell the difference AT ALL in all three versions. Julie is a genius and did the math on the calorie count for us and all you need to know is go with GREEK!

This sauce can go on anything that you want to spice up ~ baked potatoes, sandwiches, eggs, tacos, burritos, salads, fresh veggies, nachos, fish, burgers, etc.

 Make some….it really is awesome at 7 calories a tablespoon.

{cutest [and spiciest] recipe card ever! again, via}


Attempting some homemade peanut butter frozen yogurt this evening. I hope to be able to come back and share that recipe with you, too!

Hope you had a super summery weekend!


Never Say Never

I am thrilled to say that I am 99% done with our Christmas shopping. I went out again last night and hit 6 stores in 3 hours and made HUGE progress.

Ironically, the gift that I am the most excited about is one that I said I would NEVER get for my kids!

I am not a fan of those shoes that light up. My Mom has asked a million times if she could buy the kids a pair of “tennies with lights”. Every time I said, “NO!”

Well, Ladies & Gents (if I have any male readers ~ which I would love!) I kicked it up a notch and purchased something for Holden that I am still in semi-shock over, but at the same time I am SO excited to wrap up, place under the Christmas tree and see his face when he opens them in 6 days!

I’ve been wanting to get him a little pair of cowboy boots. He loves his froggy rain boots so much that I either wanted to get him pair of Uggs or cowboy boots. EVERY TIME WE’RE IN KOHL’S IN THE SHOE DEPARTMENT HE SPOTS THESE “WOODY SHOES” AND SAYS “NEED WOODY SHOES!” Every time I say “Maybe Santa will bring them to you.” Thinking in my head, “There is NO way you’re getting those shoes!”

Last night, Kohl’s was my 4th stop and I went to the shoe department looking for some cheapo little fake Uggs (AKA Fuggs) for Holdy. Nothing for boys. Then, something came over me and I made myself walk over to the “Woody shoes” and look at them. Now, here comes the best part…the Woody shoes are COWBOY BOOTS! Suddenly all the fear of these Woody shoes left me and I considered getting them for him for Christmas. Afterall, I had a 30% off coupon so that would make them a little less painful to pay for.

I grab his size and continue to walk around the store browsing. The more I walked, the more excited I got about these boots. There is something so cute about a little boy in cowboy boots paired with some random shorts or even some pajamas!

I go to the register to checkout and notice something even MORE terrifying……….are you ready for this……….THEY ARE LIGHT UP WOODY & BUZZ LIGHTYEAR COWBOY BOOTS!!!!!!!!!! They light up! I almost put them back, but then, all of a sudden, that made them more attractive. I don’t know what came over me. Maybe it’s the spirit of the holidays and knowing how much he is going to LOVE opening these. The look on his face will overshadow all my fears and hesitations about buying light up shoes.

Note to Mom: This is a one time deal. This is a special circumstance. If you still have the urge to get them some light up tennies, please save your money.

This is just more proof that you should never say never! What’s next? Mom jeans? Fanny pack?

If you REALLY want to check out these beauties, you can do so here:

Toy Story Light Up Woody Buzz Lightyear Cowboy Boots

Many pictures of Holden donning these to come, I’m sure.

Merry Christmas, Holdy! I LOVE YOU!!