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Well Hello and Happy Monday!

I just realized that I haven’t really been posting much on the weekends…not my intention, but I guess it’s OK because that means that we’ve been busy and still enjoying summer even though school is definitely in full swing again.


Today marks day 28 of my 30 Day Shred.

I have to say that I have been MUCH better this time around. I did take a couple days off due to my knee bothering me, but I did something in lieu of the DVD those days ~ either biking or walking the big loop in our development at night. I love that the DVD is only 30 minutes and I really try to give it my all and make the most of the half hour with Jill and her girls. Also, I’ve been using 4 pound hand weights and I can probably go up to 5 pounders. Today the kids did it with me and used the Handy Manny plastic tools as their hand weights…yes, Squeeze, Pat, Felipe and Dusty joined in on today’s shred ~ WHATEVER works.

I feel great, though and can tell a difference, but I certainly need to tighten up the eating. I was doing great with that for the first two and a half weeks and then got a little lazy.


Speaking of eating better, I have a couple healthy recipes to share since the last couple were far from it…

Spicy Honey Lime flank steak and this quinoa salad from Pinterest {thanks Erma for pinning it!}…

I marinated the flank steak in 1/4 cup honey, the juice of 3 limes, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 minced garlic cloves and 1 tbsp Sriracha for about an hour and a half, flipping from time to time. Jay grilled for about 6 minutes on each side. Will make great salads and sandwiches throughout the week.

I also made Giada’s gazpacho last week…

It’s verrry healthy if you don’t put anything on it! She topped it with some polenta croutons which looked amazing. I, however, threw on some cheese & garlic croutons from my pantry. Would also be nice with a little dollop of light sour cream and some crushed tortilla chips.

The perfect summer soup since it’s served cold and has a nice refreshing kick to it.


LOVE this pic of Holden and me taken this weekend at the concert in the park…

{yes, I am fully clothed and no, Holdy is not drugged}


This week is a jumble of the new school schedule, homework {already!}, pool time {if they behave!}, park play date, dance class and two birthday parties this weekend.

Never a dull moment.

Hope your week is off to a successful start!

Grapefruit Diet

I’m doing the Grapefruit Diet.

Just kidding….do they seriously think that by eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice that you will lose weight? If that were true, then I’d be a skinny mini because I love this sour, citrus fruit!

Don’t know much about it, but sounds like a gimmick to me.

I’m starting my day with some fresh grapefruit supremes and a drizzle of honey. Tart, tangy and with a hint of sweetness all at the same time.

Hope your Wednesday is full of zest, zing & zip with a few sweet spots along the way!

PB&H Cookies

When I come across a recipe that makes my mouth water, I want to make it yesterday…

I read about these Peanut Butter & Honey Cookies here.

I had all the ingredients except for Mr. Quaker so, while strolling through Target this morning, I picked up some old-fashioned oats and couldn’t wait to get home to try these.

I brought my KitchenAid mixer out of hiding and enlisted the help of one pajama clad 4-year old. Now you know having an almost 5 year old “help” in the kitchen can wear on your patience, but we managed to get everything in the mixing bowl without too many gray hairs popping up!

I had high hopes of posting a pic of these cookies on my cute polka dot cake stand looking all beautiful and stacked nicely, but they did not look nearly as gorgeous as Heather’s! I dropped them too close together on the cookie sheet and they all had one big love fest in the oven! I HATE when that happens because you no longer have beautiful, round cookies, you have some that are square and some that are round on one side and square on the other three sides from cutting them away from their lovers! I am all about aesthetics when I cook, so this was not a good day in the cucina in the eye candy department. Note to self: next time only 9 cookies to a sheet!

But nevertheless, they were delish (square-shaped and all) ~ just like Heather said ~ “crispy on the outside & chewy on the inside”.

Here is a picture of my assistant (pajama day at school today ~ but this is not to say that somedays we don’t stay in our jammies well into the afternoon!):

Here is what you’ll need:

Here’s what they look like while waiting for the oven to come to 350:

…and here’s what they look like when you put too many on the pan too close together:

I tried to focus on the ONE perfect one…..

No matter what shape you make these, they’re “buzzing” (get it? honey) with delight!