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Today was the first day back to preschool after 2 weeks off for this little one:

Even though he was in bed at 8pm on the nose, it was still a struggle this morn…

Too many late nights.

Too much pajama time.

Too much indulging.

Too many mornings of sleeping in.

{BTW, they do serve sodas in beer mugs at Islands and he was just eating the ice :-)}

I had to peel his jams off of him and pry his jeans and shirt on.

I had to promise him some {chocolate} milk in his sippy.

And a drive-thru at CBTL for a banana nut muffin.

Yes, it was breakfast in the Britax this morning.

Dusted off the crumbs in the preschool parking lot and we were on our way.

He was so happy to see his old classmates…and meet a new one.

Big hugs to Miss Cathi and some new play-doh and he was good to go.

Elliott and I ran a couple fruitful errands where I added these to my collection…


Dark Green Metallic Havaianas



Yes, I go to Ross a lot.

Like a lot.

I need to go less.

That’ll be my New Year’s resolution.

Because I’m tired of making it be “lose weight”.

But I LOVE my new metallic beauties.

Also, getting the ball rolling for Holden’s birthday party already.

How can it be?


Happy Tuesday to ya!