Pantalones Rojos

I wore my red pants today.

Hadn’t worn them in awhile.

I’ve had these funny pants for YEARS, courtesy of Target. Knowing me I probably paid less than $10 for them. I LOVE these pants, but I still haven’t figured out if they’re obnoxious or not. Who wears RED pants?

I guess I do.

I think what I love so much about them is the classic, simple style and not so much the fact that they’re RED! I would’ve bought them in every color, though, had there been more….

I’ve “tried” to donate them to Goodwill several times and I just can’t do it. I think another reason that I want to hang onto them is that they didn’t fit me for years and now they’re looser than before.

I really have not seen ANYONE else sporting such an article of clothing so I am aware that red pants may not be the norm… shirts, yes…pants, no.

People may look at me and laugh, but I’m going to hang onto my red pants.

I love you my little pantalones rojos. I can’t bear to part with you just yet. However, my fondness may be short lived, not because of your color, but because I hope that soon you will not fit me (and by “not fit me”, I mean be too big, not too small! Been there, done that.)

Until then, I will wear you with pride!

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