You Paid HOW Much For That?

I’ve really wanted to blog lately, but haven’t really had a lightbulb moment with a great topic…

I’ve wanted to share more recipes especially since I’ve been doing Weight Watchers and have been experimenting with more low fat/low-cal dishes in the kitchen these days. I started WW on September 3, 2014 and have lost 32 pounds! It’s something that I often wonder “why didn’t I get started sooner?!?”, but here I am 6 months into the program and fiiiiiiinally things are starting to click and I can definitely see changes on and off of the scale.

With that loss of 32 pounds comes the opportunity to buy some new clothes. I’ve always loved shopping for clothes, but when you are carrying extra weight and don’t feel the best about yourself, it’s hard to really go shopping and feel good about your purchases. I think I have been loving shopping for clothing for the kids to fulfill not being able to buy cute stuff for myself, but that is all changing! Lately I have bought some new pieces that I would not have worn prior to September 3rd.

Another thing to know about me is that I HATE to spend a lot on clothing. Growing up I remember being taught to start at the clearance rack and see what you can find first before paying full price for something. I recall heading directly to the clearance areas of Contempo Casuals, Wet Seal and Charlotte Russe when I was in high school trying to stretch my hard earned allowance and baby sitting money. After awhile it becomes a game to see how inexpensive you can find something and you’ll never want to pay full price for anything ever again. It may hurt a little when you don’t find something on sale or clearance, but it all balances out when the majority of your shopping is done mindfully and your items have a red clearance sticker affixed to them.

Lately I’ve come across some ridiculously amazing deals that I want to share with you…..


I picked up this Michael Kors leather jacket for about $40 out of pocket. I had a gift card from Christmas and was looking around the dress department in Macy’s one day and the saleslady asked if I wanted a great deal on a leather jacket. I tried it on and it fit like a glove so I HAD to get it! After a coupon and my gift card, I spent a little over $40 for this jacket.


A couple weeks ago I strolled through the shoe department at Target and spotted these for $3.56. They were an on-line return and my size {which is a 10 now!!}. Pays to have big feet! They look super cute with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a fun top.


My latest stupidly cheap find was this pizza shirt for Holden that Old Navy gave me for 47 cents. I have no idea how they come up with these prices, but I don’t care, I’ll take it! It’s a little big for him still, but I’ll tuck it away for next year. That’s another way to save money when shopping for your kiddos….if you see something at a great price, pick it up and hang it in the back of the closet for down the road. I also try to buy multiples of stuff like this for birthday gifts. The kids always like having matching shirts with their friends at school.

I’m trying to teach Elliott the art of bargain hunting, too. She loves to shop, but has no idea about stretching a dollar just yet. When she was really into Justice {thank goodness that phase has passed!} she would go in there and want a pair of shorts for $40-something. I would go to the clearance rack and find some shorts in the SAME style and ask her “would you like two pairs of shorts AND a top or that one pair of shorts for about the same price?” Most of the time I shop for the kids when they are in school and save the receipts in case it doesn’t work out. Holden is easy and will wear anything I put out for him.


My goal is to start a little frugal fashion blog and show just how easy it is to dress on a dime.

I look forward to sharing more finds with you as I expand my wardrobe in the coming months.

Happy shopping, friends!


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