Old-fashioned Creamery

A couple summers ago my good friend, Melanie, introduced us to her “Gram’s” pink lemonade ice cream.

I was instantly hooked and I think that is when I longed to purchase our own family ice cream maker.

2 years later….

Beverly’s Pink Lemonade Ice Cream

1 can pink lemonade frozen concentrate, thawed
5 cups half & half (I used 2 cups h&h, 3 cups whole milk)
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 tsp. salt

On the stovetop, dissolve sugar & salt in 2 cups of h&h/milk in a saucepan (takes just a few minutes). Combine concentrate and the other 3 cups of h&h/milk and refrigerate for 2 hours. Pour into ice cream maker for about 20-25 minutes.

{The amount above had to be done in two batches}

Enjoy the taste of yesteryear!

The perfect blend of tart & sweet.


As I prepared the mix for this ice cream, I couldn’t help but think how special this recipe is. Not one that I googled or read about in a current magazine, but one that probably is still written in an old leather book with yellowed, musty smelling pages…bent, torn and wrinkled over the years.

The kind of recipe that makes it’s way from one generation to the next.

It put a smile on my face thinking that Mel’s Gram enjoyed this same tart, yet sweet creamy goodness years and years ago.

I am honored to try this recipe and excited to file it away in my book of keepers.

I hope that Elliott and Holden will enjoy these tried and true recipes in years to come out of my special book…

…also sure to be tattered, sticky, spotted, dog-eared, but most of all LOVED.

Here’s to a fresh, tangy, citrusy week ahead!

2 thoughts on “Old-fashioned Creamery”

  1. That was such a wonderful post! I have sweet memories of our mother making this for us and churning it in our backyard under the hot Sonoma sun. You are lovely to pass it along for other families to try. Hope you’re having a wonderful summer, and glad my sissy has such fantastic friends. xoxo

  2. Dear Amy ~ I love love LOVE your 4th of July weekend journaling, photos, and, of course, the Pink Lemonade recipe which actually was shared with my Fisher family by my Auntie Blanche Wakefield (my dad’s sister). I remember as a little girl taking turns with my brothers cranking the ice cream machine’s handle, crunching on the ice cubes that we had to continuously put around the turning canister with a coffee cup, pouring in rock salt onto the layers of ice to make it really cold, licking and scraping the dasher (??) when it’s ( I think that’s what it was called–it’s the part that churns the mixture until the machine won’t turn anymore–then you know it’s ice cream!!!) and then having to wait for an eternity for the ice cream to ‘set up’ and for dinner to be over before we could have dessert. All good memories, which I hope you all, as young families, are creating for your own progeny. Thank you for sharing with me. AND, btw, you look great!!!! Come to Sonoma for a visit! Would love to connect and catch up. Sending you lotsa love from up here to there……….xo MJ

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