Make A Statement

I love red.

It’s not my favorite color, but I love the fact that it’s bold enough to stand alone.

How much do I adore this red dresser? Let me count the ways…


A pop of red at this lovely little desk…


Red boots and a red handbag make a statement when paired with a simple top and old, comfy jeans ~ {and don’t forget a red leash for the [Fido] in your life!}…


…and of course Christmas! You MUST have red at the holidays…


Um, red door?

Yes, please.


I could go on and on…

Go ahead, add a punch of {red} here and there in your life.

Make a statement!


Come on over to Gussy Sews today and see more {rouge} love!

5 thoughts on “Make A Statement”

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Victoria! Aren’t they de-lish? Loved your red accessories for Fall, too! Not quite time to bring out my red coat just yet here in So Cal, but hopefully soon! Take care!

  2. Those little advent bags are calling my name I think I just might have some white felt, red thread and some rouge beads for closures! Yay….Christmas is in sight!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Heather! Dontcha just love that Christmas display? My hubby is anti-knick knacks so he would freak, too! But we can still dream, right? 😉 Loved seeing your {red} inspiration….and I love the name of your blog! Will be checking back soon! Take care! XO

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