This little fetus had his first day of his {last} year of preschool today…

Man, five years has never gone so fast.

I remember September 28, 2006 like it was yesterday…

And in 5 years from now when he’s starting 4th grade, today will seem like it was just yesterday, too…

Elliott sent him off with good luck hugs.

Lots to learn this year in pre-K…

…and Miss Sandi will show him the way.


The LAST thing I want to feel is that I hurried away these days…

These days of short order meals.

Water on the bathroom floor.

Lego explosions.

Sassy back talking.

Repeating things 18 times.

Yadda. Yadda. Yah.

So I will sit back and {try} to LOVE these days before a whole new set of challenges arise.

Sometimes you need to stand back and reflect to truly appreciate where you are.

And I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

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  1. You’ve got the secret, Amy! The past six years have flown by and we need to keep talking about all the good and challenging times to help us pave the way for the next six awesome years! Elliott and Holden….what jewels, absolute jewels!

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