I’m so glad Jay decided to run the Santa Clarita Half Marathon yesterday.

{He’s actually in this pic in the back of the pack}

Not only am I so proud of him and his time, but it also got me excited for the Vegas Rock & Roll.

Yes, I may have bitten off more than I can chew considering I have never even done a 5K.

And yes, I should have maybe joined a Team In Training group instead of “training” myself {hilarious, I know!}.

But I know I can do it.

I have 4 hours to complete the 13.1 miles.

Yes, I have done the math and that is an 18 minute mile.

My {goal} is to maintain a 15 minute mile throughout. That will put me at 3 hours and 15 minutes. I got some good insoles. The course is flat. It’ll be chilly. I think I can do it.

It will be close, but my goal is just to finish and get my paws on that medal.

After the morning of December 5, 2010, I may never want to run another 10 feet in my life or I may want to sign up for the one here in SC each year.

I won’t know until I TRY.

Please someone tell me that once you hear that gunshot signaling the start and are amongst the crowd, in the heat of the {half marathon} moment, that you find the will to keep putting one foot in front of the other…narrowing the 13.1 down to 12, down to 11 and so on. The spectators, the bands, the glory of finishing MUST take over and carry you through when you think you cannot go on, right?

Hoping the “runner’s high” hits me HARD!

I am hopeful that all things will come together and I will step on that pad, be proud of my time and be changed forever.

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  1. Amy, you can do it. We are all behind you. You still have time to continue training and practice a 5K route. We all love you and God loves you and will be by your side all the time.

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