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{ROCK} A Bye Baby

We do things a little differently around these parts…

and I’m NOT 100% proud of it, but I want the kids to learn how to express themselves through dance.

We have a little family tradition that we do before the kids go to bed on non-school nights (Tues & Thurs) ~ the kids have a “Dance Party”! (on school nights we read our favorite books ~ Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy, Three Little Pigs, etc.)

We have a “retreat” off of the master bedroom and Jay has the stereo set up there. Holden turns on the stereo, Elliott pulls the antique step stool away from the edge of our bed into the middle of the room and Jay starts playing the music from iTunes on the laptop!

The Dance Party starts off innocently with songs from Glee or her Sarah McLachlan fave “Ordinary Miracle”…Elliott dances around, twirls, kicks and jumps off the step stool. Holden follows along…

Well, last night I came home from the gym to the whole house shakin’, rattlin’ and rollin’ and went up stairs to find them dancing to this:

OK, this is NOT my song of choice (clean version, of course!), but we were in complete hysterics watching these two dance. Holden started a new move that he does with his arms and then breaks out into some robot motions. Elliott is borderline locking and popping….it is so interesting to me that they can switch their style of dance from flowy and graceful during the Glee soundtrack to hard hitting, more sharp moves for LMFAO!

We NEED to have the video camera ready at the next Dance Party!

Taste Test Tuesday

My bro-in-law works for Glacéau, the makers of vitaminwater. He was in town a couple weeks back and delivered two cases of brand-spankin’ new formulas and flavors ~ which aren’t even on the shelves yet.

Facebook had a contest where fans could essentially choose a new flavor of vitaminwater and the winner was…..Black Cherry Lime!

I don’t drink the ones that have calories, but I tried this one and it was pretty tasty.

He also brought some NEW vitaminwater ZERO which will eventually replace the vitaminwater10 ~ apparently 10 calories was too many for some people! This new flavor is  grape-raspberry and I. LOVE. IT. I don’t normally drink these, but it’s nice to periodically treat myself to one instead of H2O during my workouts.

I always see these Go Girl energy drinks at the store and I think the name is so cute (plus a portion of the proceeds to to breast cancer research). I picked one up and did a little taste test.

The verdict:

I like the flavor of the vitaminwater, but I like the carbonation of the Go Girl. I think the color of the GG was a little bit of a turn off – maybe dial down the “pinkness” a few notches? But the GG has a citrus taste which I did enjoy.

So, I guess, with that said, I like them equally as far as energy drinks go…

…but I know the best thing is good ‘ol H2O, so I will stick to that and occasionally treat myself to some bling’d out version ~ plus I don’t really ever feel ENERGIZED after drinking an energy drink!

Do you?

White Girls Can’t Dance

last night I tried a FREE Zumba class at our clubhouse.
I loved it. I want to continue. I looked like a fool. I didn’t care.

I’ve always thought that I had rhythm and could bust a move, but I need to get off my “Coordination High Horse” because somewhere along the line I have lost any and all ability to carry out the simplest of moves. I know that all these hip gyrations and booty shakin’ will come easier as I keep going, but in the mean time I need to get over myself and just do it!

The funny thing is is that I didn’t give a damn about what I looked like. At least I was out there moving and not at home shoving bon bons in my face while watching The Real Housewives Of Orange County. I was movin’ although I was NOT groovin’, and I loved it. In my 20s I would have been more insecure, but now that I’m nearing my “not so 20s”, I don’t care anymore what I look like trying to borderline hip hop dance to BEP’s Boom Boom Pow!

Oh, and I also did all this tomfoolery in my socks…apparently my NB Trail shoes are a little too “tready” for Zumba. I need to get some smooth bottomed shoes. All of a sudden I perked up…..I get to buy new shoes? They may be ugly, black, dorky looking shoes (not a fan of black tennies!), but if they will help me with my moves, I’m all for it!

Let this be my theme song for the day:


Well, I did it!

I started running tonight to train for the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half Marathon in early December!

This girl is taking baby steps since I am NOT a runner and never have been. I figured with the big 4-0 staring at me from 9 months away, I’d better do something so I can feel good about turning 4 decades old!

Tonight I ran .5 (don’t overlook that decimal – it’s not 5 miles, it’s “point 5”) miles. Don’t laugh. It’s a start, right? I am focusing on a mile a month. By the end of January, I will be able to run 1 mile no prob, by the end of February, 2 miles, etc.

I think that’s ultra conservative and doable.

My friend, Hollie, is my partner in crime. She’s also celebrating her “special b-day” this year and is going to do the “Vegas thang” with me! Any other takers out there?

We can meet in Vegas on Friday, do the race on Saturday morning and then party like rock stars for the next couple days! Doesn’t that sound like fun? I think so!

The following things are going to be my BFFs for the next while:

Mis zapatos:


I promise to get an eco-friendly, reusable bottle pronto!

My zebra jounal:

Isn’t it so cute? I had to have it with my weird zebra print fetish lately!

I’m going to log all my miles in this thing and just kind of jot down my feelings from time to time. I think it’ll be fun to look back in 6 months and see how I was feeling and read about when I only ran a half a mile! LOL

And this is the word that I am going to have to keep repeating to myself:

I love this little plaque. I found it yesterday and had to bring it home for my mantel! I figured it would be the perfect push to get me through to my goal.

I’m excited to see where this takes me…glad I’m giving myself plenty of time so I don’t get discouraged!


Do you?