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The Best Gift Of All

It’s not the new Keurig.

Or Elliott’s new iPod Touch.

Or Holden’s Nerf Lazer Tag.


Pure & simple.


The best gift on Christmas Day was when I told Gramma, Popsi, Grunc & Jill that part of their gift from the family was a donation in their name to build a well through charity: water.

I was supposed to have pretty little cards printed out that explained all this, but time got away from me and I delivered the news personally ~ very choked up and with tears.

It was great ~ so, so great.

{Lolo & Lola, you too are part of this gift with a donation made in both your names}

Again, thank you Project 320 Girls for taking your vision and using your blogs to orchestrate something so beautiful and life changing ~ for both the giver and the receiver.


It’s not too late to be part of it…you can still make a donation here through February.

Would make a lovely Valentine’s Day gift.



I’m bad at drinking water on a daily basis.

When I run or workout, I drink LOTS.

But the “8 glasses a day”…..not so good at it.

I need to hydrate and carb load the next couple days….that’s what the seasoned runners do. 😉

I tried this little pre-race concoction and it’s delish:

Cranberry Pomegranate Emergen-C


Vitamin Water ZERO Squeezed {lemonade}


Cold fighting, energy boosting, nutrient rich beverage!

Now to get the regular H2O stuff in my body, too!

On another note, I have a pain in the neck. Must’ve tweaked it last night in my sleep. I have to do the whole “turn your entire body” thing when I drive because my neck is so stiff! Ugh….heating pad where are you?

Could be worse.

T-minus 2 days and counting!

DEEP breaths.

All Hallow’s Eve 2010


Halloween was lots of fun, but I am pumpkin’d, witch’d, goblin’d and candied out!

I’m so glad I decided to dress up this year…it added so much to the night. I spent a grand total of $8 on our costumes this year ~ Elliott reused her dance recital costume, Holden borrowed his and I spent $5 on handcuffs and $3 on a cheetah print beanie that I fancied up with some orange rosettes to match my inmate threads!

A gal stopped me on the street and commented on my rosettes…why thank you! She asked me if I sell them…well, no I don’t, but maybe I should. Which got me thinking….stay tuned!

Getting back to trick-or-treating…we decided to go to our friends’ neighborhood this year as they have a street that goes all out and has haunted houses and stuff. There were swarms of people, my goodness!

Holden was finished before we even started:

10 minutes before we were to leave!

He rallied and we were on our way…

Perpetual mouthful of candy!

LOVE, love, love the red door on this house…

Holdy was always about 3 houses behind the group, but would catch up every now and then…

We had a great time and all was well and good until we got separated and Elliott began to worry about me {she was with her friends and my mom and Jay and I were with Holden}. Apparently she thought I was “lost” and then saw a Sheriff’s car and thought that maybe I’d gotten picked up since I told her I was an escaped inmate! Oops!

We had our annual Halloween chili and cornbread for dinner and enjoyed cobbler with the fresh peaches we picked a couple weeks ago. The cobbler was a breeze to make and turned out much better than I thought it would. Here is the recipe I followed.

This year’s ghoulish cocktail was “swamp water“…


We kept ours green, but you can add a touch of grenadine or blue curaçao to change up the color {as seen in the above pic}. Personally, I thought it was just fine the way it was. This is the perfect group cocktail to make in a big bowl with lots of ice and a ladle and people can serve themselves.

Already looking forward to next year and planning my costume! I’ve been missing out all these years…

Numero Tres

Today we beat the heat and were able to cross #3 off the Summer To-Do List.

Water Balloon Toss

A quick trip to Dollar Tree and we were good to go…

…and nap time to follow.

DEFINITELY got my dollar’s worth!


Flip Flop Fitness Update ~ Wednesday, 7.14.10

1 cup coffee with 2 tbsp creamer: 2 points

1/2 cup fat free Greek yogurt with 1/2 banana: 2.5 points

Turkey, Ham & Swiss Lean Pocket: 6 points

Grilled veggie sandwich (snack): 3 points

2 large marshmallows: 1 point

Asian Chicken Salad

Chicken: 3 points

1/8 cup sliced almonds: 2 points

2 tbsp. toasted sesame dressing: 2 points

1/2 serving mandarin oranges: 1 point

1 beer: 2 points

Total points: 24.5


32 minutes on elliptical @ 10: 3 miles and 350 cals


Well, I did it!

I started running tonight to train for the Las Vegas Rock & Roll Half Marathon in early December!

This girl is taking baby steps since I am NOT a runner and never have been. I figured with the big 4-0 staring at me from 9 months away, I’d better do something so I can feel good about turning 4 decades old!

Tonight I ran .5 (don’t overlook that decimal – it’s not 5 miles, it’s “point 5”) miles. Don’t laugh. It’s a start, right? I am focusing on a mile a month. By the end of January, I will be able to run 1 mile no prob, by the end of February, 2 miles, etc.

I think that’s ultra conservative and doable.

My friend, Hollie, is my partner in crime. She’s also celebrating her “special b-day” this year and is going to do the “Vegas thang” with me! Any other takers out there?

We can meet in Vegas on Friday, do the race on Saturday morning and then party like rock stars for the next couple days! Doesn’t that sound like fun? I think so!

The following things are going to be my BFFs for the next while:

Mis zapatos:


I promise to get an eco-friendly, reusable bottle pronto!

My zebra jounal:

Isn’t it so cute? I had to have it with my weird zebra print fetish lately!

I’m going to log all my miles in this thing and just kind of jot down my feelings from time to time. I think it’ll be fun to look back in 6 months and see how I was feeling and read about when I only ran a half a mile! LOL

And this is the word that I am going to have to keep repeating to myself:

I love this little plaque. I found it yesterday and had to bring it home for my mantel! I figured it would be the perfect push to get me through to my goal.

I’m excited to see where this takes me…glad I’m giving myself plenty of time so I don’t get discouraged!


Do you?