5-Year Olds And Mascara Don’t Mix

Yesterday was Elliott’s first dance recital.

Another big milestone. I’ve been excited about it ever since I ordered her costume in February!

Her little class was assigned to the 9:00am show ~ yes, 9am on a Saturday! That translates to getting up real early which for me is fine because I do it every morning, but for a 5-year old who went to bed at 11pm the night before….it’s not fine.

She had an 8:30 check-in so I worked the timeline backwards in my head and decided she needed to be up around 6am. I know, I’m overly conservative with stuff like this. I don’t like to rush so I figured I needed plenty of time to curl her hair, apply her “make-up”, make sure all the ducks were in a row before I dropped her off with the backstage “babysitter” (who she later told me was Grandma Jean).

Needless to say, she was less than thrilled by her 6:15am wake-up call (I let her sleep in!).

After we successfully, yet not painlessly, got all the rollers in, we applied a little Mac StudioFix:

…some eyeshadow and mascara:

With each cosmetic would come more pouting and whining.

Once everything but the lipstick was applied, I told her “Now whatever you do, don’t touch your face” and turned my back for 20 seconds to grab the hairspray.

Well, what do crazy tired, grumpy kids do?



Seriously, I went into scary pageant mama mode for a brief sec and I am not at all proud…

I jumped up and down (apparently that was my first involuntary reaction) and yelled, “What are you doing? You just totally messed up your mascara!”

I know. I know. Terrible Mom award right there.

Well, that made her tear up and make things worse.

So, I took a deep breath, grabbed some Q-tips and went over and told her that I loved her and that we will just pile on the blush and lipstick last minute and everything will be OK.

Honestly, I felt so stupid by the way I reacted. Jay witnessed the whole thing. I SOOO could not be a pageant mom.

I just wanted everything to be PERFECT.

And it was…

{She’s 5th from the left}

Overwhelmed by the barrage of flowers:

After the show, our friends hosted a bbq for the dancers.

The tutus were traded for two-pieces for a dip in the jacuzzi:

…but not for long:

They even reapplied their make-up after the swim!

Here is a close-up of the trophy BEFORE it broke into 2 pieces ~ $15 down the drain.

…and here is one tuckered out, vampy make-up wearin’, lollipop eatin’, rainboot wearin’ ballerina.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day!

6 thoughts on “5-Year Olds And Mascara Don’t Mix”

  1. Okay….first of all, Elliott is flip floppin’ adorable. Love the shot of her in her rainboots. Second of all, I have not seen the info posted on the “who, what, when, where’s” of that fabulous dress YOU were wearing! Hello???? Where’d you get that one? You looked GORGEOUS!!!

  2. yeah you’re dress is gorg…I agree love it!!
    That’s a funny story, I could totally see myself doing the same thing:)

  3. Don’t feel bad. I’ve done the same thing! It’s the worst feeling when they start crying because of your behavior. Then you should feel awful. Oh well! And that’s probably why we don’t put make-up on kids!

  4. Thank you Ladies for the props on the dress! It is yet another Ross clearance find ~ Calvin Klein for $19.99….I LOVE it on. I actually wore it all day instead of changing into something more comfortable when we got home. I know some Ross stores are ghetto, but if you have the time, check it out! 😉 I also got some Steve Madden wedge sling backs ($80) for $22. Thanks again for the dress love! XOXO

  5. It’s so awesome, Amy, to look back a week later and remember this thrilling day of Elliott’s first dance recital. Ah, yes…Mom’s freaking out. I think I did that a little, didn’t I???? Never!

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