The Little {Pink Fire Engine} That Could

I would not last a day at Charm City Cakes!

Duff would have my head on a platter.

Making cakes is HARD work. Especially at midnight when you’re exhausticated {yes, it’s a word!}.

Cupcakes are much easier. I can do cupcakes. But my little Holden wanted a fire truck cake…and a fire truck cake he got.




But not really.

This engine is sure to be a lemon.

It must have a salvage title….

But last night…at midnight…I just kept slapping on frosting and smoothing it out. Slap on. Smooth out. Repeat.

A licorice here. A gumdrop there. A chocolate donut here.

It was a hot, hot mess.

But the party was PERFECT.

More to come…

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