Fire & Ice ~ Part 1

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

Holden’s Birthday Weekend was jam packed with excitement. I’m going to summarize the festivities in two parts since there is so much to cover.


About 3 years ago we went to a fire station birthday party when we lived in Nor Cal. This was my friend and neighbor, Gina’s brilliant idea. The kids loved it…at the time Holden was only about 15 months and I KNEW I was going to host the same theme for him down the road.

I started out by calling the county and getting the number to the community services liaison for the LA County Fire Department. She then put me in touch with the captain that would be on duty the day of Holden’s party. I called about 6 weeks in advance {way too early, but remember my OCD} and he put it on his calendar. The problem with arranging a tour at the local fire house for your child’s birthday is that at any given moment the alarm can sound and the plans can go up in smoke. Fortunately EVERYTHING went off without a hitch and the party was an amazing success.

First off, I cannot say enough positive things or show enough gratitude for Capt. Seifert and his guys at station 156. I’m sure the last thing they wanted to do on a Saturday afternoon is corral 20 almost 2 – 7 year olds and explain what they do! They were all extremely nice and enthusiastic to have us there.

The weather was fierce ~ cold, rain, hail, sleet & snow. All while we were at the station!

The station is a temporary trailer with a new building going in next door opening this June. After a brief welcome and some rules and regulations, the kids got to see where the firemen sleep, eat and do their laundry! They were all given a little red fire hat and a Junior Firefighter badge. The alarm sounded and we were able to hear the dispatcher give us a little shout out…very cool!

We then headed out to the garage to see the apparatus {fancy word for fire truck}. The kids were able to sit in the front and back and even try on one of the coats. They were reminded what 9-1-1 means and to only dial it in an emergency!

One of the firemen got into full gear complete with his tank, mask and axe. Surprisingly I don’t think any of the littles were traumatized!

We then braved the cold and the kids sprayed a small hose.

Again, I was blown away by the time they spent with us ~ we were there for over an hour. It couldn’t have come together more perfectly.

{Thanking Capt. Seifert for making the party a blazing success!}


After leaving the station, we headed to our place for some lunch and sweets!

Coming up in Fire & Ice ~ Part 2…..


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