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Batter Up

Before I share Cake Batter Ice Cream with you, I wanted to back track a bit…

Last time we were in San Diego we went to a cupcake shop called Batter Up. It’s the cutest concept and the cupcakes were delish, but the store decor needed a grand slam.

It was pretty blah.

By the time we walked out, I had already redesigned the place and had a blueprint in my head.

Real live stadium seats bolted to the floor.

Old lockers filled with fun cupcake liners, cookbooks and all things cupcake related for sale.

Astroturf on the floor.

Pennant buntings hanging from the ceiling.

Apothecary jars filled with peanuts and cracker jacks.

Large glass vases holding baseballs.

The cupcakes needed some fun, festive baseballin’ names, ya know?

But I digress…

Now…back to Cake Batter Ice Cream.

This recipe is SO easy and SO out of this world…er…ballpark?!?

I ended up using whole milk for one of the 2 cups of whipping cream…made it a little lighter. Ha!

{2 cups whole milk, 1 cup whipping cream}

For the vanilla, I used the good stuff this time.

I was surprised at how creamy it was.

I tapped the cake mix through a mesh strainer to make sure there were no clumps.

Next time I will add rainbow sprinkles into the ice cream the last few minutes while the machine is running.

I only wish that I had red, white and blue sprinkles instead…

But, this ice cream was more than I imagined it would be. If you’re an ice cream lover and you don’t have one of these, you need to treat yourself to one!

Next up….some refreshing summer sorbet in our new sorbet cups!


Nighty night.

The Devil Made Me Do It

If you need to brighten up your rainy, dreary Tuesday (and aren’t counting calories) make these!

Devil’s Food Cakesters

Inspiration found here…recipe found here!

{As you can see, I did not use the homemade cream cheese frosting!}

Here is the line-up:

…and to give them a little extra pizzazz, add sprinkles!

They’d be perfect for a bake sale in a little cellophane baggie with a cute ribbon.


if you have 2 eggs that desperately need to be used

or a stick of butter that looks lonely

or you find Devil’s Food cake mix at Vons on sale for 99ยข a box

or you have some leftover cupcake frosting in your ‘fridge

or you haven’t seen your Kitchen Aid mixer in awhile

or the devil on your shoulder gets the best of you…

make these!

But, you don’t even need an excuse.

I seriously need to find a new hobby that doesn’t involve cooking or baking or spending money…

Exercising & cleaning?

There we go.

Yeh, THAT makes for interesting blog material…..

We’ll find a happy medium.

Everything in moderation, right?

Here’s to a “balanced” Tuesday!