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Rite Of Passage

This morning was the much talked about 5-year old, pre-K visit to Dr. Yen, the pediatrician.

I was very up front with Elliott and we talked about the fact that she was going to get a boat load of shots for Kindergarten and there was no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.

It’s not an option.

You’ve got to do it.

We chatted about it for a couple months and she was ready. Telling everyone that she was going to get her shots “the day after tomorrow” and sport a cool band-aid.

After being measured (42″) and weighed (37#) she had her hearing tested and blood pressure taken:

Fortunately they serve up a cocktail of the varicella and MMR vaccine so she only got one “ouchie” today.

Next month it’s the polio & DTP and tuberculin skin test.

Lots of things to check off the list before the big “K”.

This visit didn’t slow her down one bit…she played and swam all afternoon, went to dance and is now 2 doors down with Emilie playing on the swing set and eating spaghetti!

No nap.

No rest.

She’ll be sacked out this evening, I’ll bet.

Oh wait, it IS this evening…

The energy of a 5-year old.