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Have A Seat ~ Visit To Santa 2013

Santa shimmied down the chimney of our local Westfield Mall on November 15th.

The kids walked right on up and had a seat on his lap on November 17th.

No line.

No waiting.

Holden had all the time in the world to talk Santa’s ear off about Skylanders Swap Force Starter Pack.

Elliott simply requested an iPad Mini.


We were in and out again this year.

I am happy. I have my 5×7 ready to be framed and perched on our holiday mantel.

This is the 9th year in a row that we’ve gone to a Westfield Mall for our Santa picture. I am all about tradition when it comes to this sort of thing. Each year I display all our Santa pics from 2005 to present. I love seeing how much they change from year to year.

We were fortunate and never had any tears when it came to Mr. Claus. Elliott & Holden were always eager to have a seat on Santa’s lap and whisper their wishes into his ear.

I must add, however, that Elliott and I went around and around about her wearing this darling ROXY plaid flannel for the pic. She had other ideas which involved Justice shorts and a tank top {her argument was that they were purple and matched Holden’s outfit}. After explaining to her {OK….bribing} that I wanted them to look festive and “winter-ish” she reconsidered and ditched the Justice idea.

Past Santa Adventures: 2008, 20092010, 2011, 2012


I am happy to say that I have a good handle on Christmas this year. Several little gifts purchased and wrapped. Classroom goodies in the works. Annual family ornaments purchased.

After Thanksgiving we have exactly 26 days until family arrives, feasts are prepared, Christmas Eve Mass is attended, gifts are scattered under the tree and egg nog is sipped in anticipation of Santa’s arrival.

For as much running around and stress that I am prepared for, I am also looking forward to having a seat, putting my feet up, staring at our old-fashioned trimmed tree and listening to Christmas carols old & new.

But not before giving thanks with a turkey and all the fixins a week from Thursday…

Off to make my shopping list!

Rite Of Passage

This morning was the much talked about 5-year old, pre-K visit to Dr. Yen, the pediatrician.

I was very up front with Elliott and we talked about the fact that she was going to get a boat load of shots for Kindergarten and there was no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.

It’s not an option.

You’ve got to do it.

We chatted about it for a couple months and she was ready. Telling everyone that she was going to get her shots “the day after tomorrow” and sport a cool band-aid.

After being measured (42″) and weighed (37#) she had her hearing tested and blood pressure taken:

Fortunately they serve up a cocktail of the varicella and MMR vaccine so she only got one “ouchie” today.

Next month it’s the polio & DTP and tuberculin skin test.

Lots of things to check off the list before the big “K”.

This visit didn’t slow her down one bit…she played and swam all afternoon, went to dance and is now 2 doors down with Emilie playing on the swing set and eating spaghetti!

No nap.

No rest.

She’ll be sacked out this evening, I’ll bet.

Oh wait, it IS this evening…

The energy of a 5-year old.