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FuNkY, Tattooed Ballerina

Oh my.

I think we have a Punky Brewster on our hands!

I’m trying to teach Elliott about matching or coordinating when she chooses her daily outfits, but sometimes you just gotta let it go!

She recently started dance class again and now that she’s older, she’s loving it that much more. She was so excited to wear her OLD purple, almost-too-small leotard and coordinating tattered, sheer skirt to class on Friday, BUT before we headed to the car she said she thought she needed some tights since she may get cold….knowing that we didn’t really have any white ones I tried to discourage it, but she said “I have the RED ones!” Fine. Go ahead Punky and get the red tights!

Then, as if the red tights weren’t enough, she paired this ensemble with her brown boots!

She used to NOT want anything to do with temporary tattoos or band-aids, but now….

If you look on her right arm, you’ll see her latest “inking” ~ a few roses.

So there you have it…our Funky Punky Tatted Up Ballerina Girl!

This morning I have a “git ‘er done!” attitude….look out.

Lots to do today and I’m in the mood to do it!

Nothin’ like getting the week off to a productive start.

Here’s to having a fUnKy, spunky, constructive MoNdAy!

Tuesday Tidbit

New Trader Joe’s discovery thanks to my friend, Janet!

Red Pepper Spread with Eggplant & Garlic….it’s great on all sorts of sandwiches, especially turkey and avocado! I have started using it in place of mayo. I love mayo on my sammies and prefer to use the full fat stuff rather than the light, but this new “wonder condiment” totally gives the old white goo favorite a run for it’s money.

According to TJ’s it’s a “seasonal” item, so if you try it and LOVE it like me, then be sure and grab an extra jar or two for when they don’t carry it. You will miss it on your ‘wiches once you introduce yourself to it!

Here’s the breakdown per Tablespoon:
Mayo 100 cal, 11 g fat
Spread 15 cal, 0.5 g fat

I’ll save the mayo calories for my tuna or egg salad!

Merry Christmas to Me!

So, at the holidays you’re generally supposed to over tip your housekeeper, gardener, babysitter, etc., right?

Well, it dawned on me that I could sure use a tip or a little extra something special this holiday season…

It gets pretty chilly here in the semi “high desert” Santa Clarita area. I have a nice black herringbone-type coat, a lime green trench coat, a short black trench, and a yellowish Spring trench…

I needed a festive red coat for the holidays!

Coats last for years so I justified the purchase that way. I am a total bargain shopper so I knew I wasn’t about to drop $200 on a cute red coat.

Then I spotted one at Ross for $24.99!!! Exactly what I was looking for and it even has a little extra pizzazz ~ some built in sparklies….perfect for the holidays! I LOVE IT!

Seriously? $24.99? That is like a “disposable coat” price if coats were disposable!

I know that I will get several good years out of it. Fortunately here in So Cal I may only wear it a handful of days (not rubbing it in!).


I am so happy with my new purchase! Isn’t is SO cute?

Can you see the little bits of “bling”? I LOVE IT!

I look forward to wearing it this weekend when we take a walk through Wakefield Wonderland ~ the super pimped out court in our area!

What have you treated yourself to this holiday season?

Hope it’s something nice because you deserve it! XOXO