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Down By The Sea

Almost a year ago I wrote this post and mentioned how I missed out on some Miss Trish of Capri flops at Target.


I set out on an early morning Target run for a couple 6-year old boy birthday gifts, odds and ends for end-of-the-year teacher gifts and whatever else {jumped} into my cart….do you have that problem, too?

I turned the corner into the shoe department when, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a clearance rack holding Miss Trish’s flops, oh dear!

Not gonna get away from this mama again……

{I loooooooooovvvvvve the metallic pair with the fish! Actually love is an understatement….I [may] have picked up an teeeny tiny pair for a special little girl that will be celebrating a birthday real soon, too}

In order to soften the blow that the turquoise beauties don’t come in my size, I treated myself to this gorgeous coral statement ring…

…and these gold seashell danglies…

{both 75% off…yup!}

I also picked up a spf rash guard for Holden for under 5 bucks.

I would say that we have a good start on our summer wardrobe and our trip to Myrtle Beach!

Love me some {orange sticker} Target finds.

Happy Friday!

Mod Podge Monday

This morning I headed to Wal-mart at 8am to pick up some Mod Podge. I hadn’t ever heard of this stuff until I started reading blogs. It seemed like an easy enough craft since I would put my crafty skill level at about a 2…

I needed a couple birthday gifts for Holden’s darling little twin classmates. Last week I got a $10 off coupon at Kohl’s and put it to use this weekend. I am embarrassed to say how much I paid for these gifts so I will let you do the math…

These cute jewelry boxes were 80% off $30…go on, practice your mathematical skills. I bought 2 and used my $10 off coupon.

Ridiculously inexpensive, right?

I wanted to personalize them and was going to do it with a paint pen, but that made me nervous. Then I remembered that the Dollar Tree had some letter stickers that I thought would be perfect and match the colors of the jewelry box. I picked those up…again, 2 X $1 = cheap!

I stuck the stickers on the tops of the boxes and wanted to secure or seal them a little so this is where the Mod Podge comes in.

I think they’re just darling and the perfect gift for a couple sweet 4 years olds.

Five minute gifts for under $5.

I wish the letters were a bit smaller {or the girls’ names were shorter. Ha!} so I wouldn’t of had to overlap them as much…

Now I’m not that cheap, so I’ll be picking up a little something else too, but I love the way I stretched my dollar.

And, I look forward to seeing what else I can Mod Podge!

Happy Monday!