Sweet Sippin’

I am not an iced tea drinker per se.

If I do drink iced tea, it must have lots of lemon and a little sweetner. The southerners have it all figured out with their infamous {sweet tea}. It’s a little too sweet for me, but I wanted to share a recipe that strikes the perfect balance between lemon and sugar and will have you thinking you’re on a wicker rocking chair under a leafy palm porch fan…


6 cups boiling water

5 Lemon Zinger Celestial Seasoning tea bags

1/2 cup sugar

Drop tea bags into boiling water that has been removed from the burner. Let steep for 8-12 minutes. Remove tea bags and pour warm tea into a pitcher and add 1/2 cup sugar. Stir until dissolved and fill the rest of the pitcher with ice. Serve with an extra squeeze of lemon and a mint sprig, if desired.

{Another summertime favorite is the Arnold Palmer ~ half iced tea [unsweetened] & half lemonade}

Happy Monday!

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