Splash ~ A Mermaid Party


Another birthday party down in the books…this makes party number twelve between the two kiddos. I LOVE planning their little parties ~ this year for Elliott we decided to do a small sleepover to celebrate turning SEVEN.

She decided on a mermaid theme and I was immediately on board! Give this mama a theme and she’s immediately in action…scouting out little goodies, trinkets and treasures.

I found the invites at Marshall’s for $3.99! They came with 8 invites and 8 thank you notes…since we were keeping party small this year, these totally worked.

Elliott wanted to go to the pool with her friends which totally made sense. The weather here had been HOT for weeks, but the day of her party was supposed to be in the high 60s/low 70s! I thought about canceling the pool, but the mermaids suited up and spent about 2 hours swimming, jumping, splashing and diving.

{Matching nightgowns from Target for 50% off were part of their goody bag…they showered, shampooed and got in their jammies before we headed home}

{I also found some cute shell bracelets at our local drug store for 75% off months ago}

{The seahorse bowls and plates were from a random Kmart visit ~ 75% off before Christmas. These also went home with each guest}

{Above the table, on a big branch, I hung some Dollar Tree paper lanterns and a few jellyfish made and handed down from my friend, Mia}

{my mom made these seashell jars last summer and I filled them with Dum Dums}

The food was fun and easy…

{eating sushi after the pool}

{my four-legged [octodogs] didn’t quite look like the ones on Pinterest}

I invited the mamas over for drinks and appetizers, too. I threw together a quick 7-layer dip and picked up a sushi platter at Trader Joe’s. My neighbor, Sun, brought some Korean BBQ on a skewer ~ yum!

The mama mermaids sipped what I called Mermaid Tail Martinis ~ Vodka, Malibu, pineapple juice, blue curacao {shake that in a cocktail shaker and pour into a martini glass} add a splash of Sprite and float a mango mochi on top. I premixed a pitcher of the drink and then shook it with ice as needed. Do not add the Sprite before shaking because of the carbonation. Ratio: 2 cups vodka, 2 cups Malibu, 2 8.45 ounce cans {or the equivalent} pineapple juice, 1 ounce blue curacao. Makes 8-10 servings. The mochi can be found at Trader Joe’s and is like a little ball of ice cream.

The mochi sort of melts into the drink and makes it creamy. One mochi lasts for about two drinks…there are only six mochi to a pack so I needed to stretch them out and it worked perfectly for each guest to have one.

The cake was just a four layer cake with vanilla cream cheese buttercream. The girls also had Elliott’s favorite cotton candy push pops.

{candy sushi made with halved powdered donuts and rice krispie treats topped with a Swedish fish and then wrapped with a strip of fruit by the foot [I used Market Pantry brand from Target]}

{they drank blue lemonade out of little plastic coconuts from Dollar Tree}

The mamas left around 9:00 or so and then we were on our own to get the girls to bed! I cleaned up the kitchen while they watched their favorite Disney Channel shows and all four were asleep by 11:00pm ~ I was shocked.

7:00am wake up call courtesy of Holden!

I told Elliott she could choose any cereal she wanted and she decided on Fruit Loops…a special birthday treat. She also wanted monkey bread, but wanted to call it {mermaid bread}.

After breakfast, they lined up and I did glitter nails with polish from her friend, Emilie…

I also borrowed a mermaid cardboard cutout that my friend Mia also did for her twins’ recent mermaid luau party and we took some fun pics before the girls headed home…


Not gonna lie…I was exhausted at 11:00am Sunday morning when the little mermaids swam back to their mamas!

But it was the perfect little homespun birthday celebration and I loved every minute of the planning.

Screaming/giggling/singing/dancing first graders are lots of fun.

Jay & I survived our first sleepover!

Tomorrow is the REAL birthday for my {almost} Memorial Day baby.

Where do the years go?

9 thoughts on “Splash ~ A Mermaid Party”

  1. Awesome party! I really like the idea of doing a small party at home. We’re still in the days of big parties with all the class members. It’s exhausting! I love your mermaid theme!

  2. OH YOU ARE AWESOME AMY!!! Always such a great host and creative with your parties!!! LOVE IT! Especially the sushi for the kids.

  3. Amy… You are SO AMAZING !!! And the BEST MOMMIE on earth !!! Your kids are going to have SO MANY wonderful memories… and that’s what LIFE is all about !! Love Ya Girlie

  4. Thanks, Leah! It was SO nice knowing that there wasn’t going to be a million kids and the parents although I loved the big parties while they lasted. Holden will probably have another biggie in kindergarten, but then we’ll start doing the smaller ones as well. I was so much more relaxed. Can’t wait to hear what you’re doing for Sophie’s this Fall! XO

  5. Thanks, Mel! You’re so sweet…means a lot coming from another party girl! 😉 The candy sushi is a breeze to make! Took 5 minutes. Miss you! XO

  6. Awww, Lin…you’re the sweetest! Some days I do not feel like the best mommy, but we’re certainly trying to make the happiest memories for them that we can, especially on their birthdays! I enjoy doing this for them and I do hope they have fond memories of their little parties when they grow up. Rascal was in seventh heaven with all the warm sleeping bags to curl up in! LOL Thanks so much for reading and I miss you lots! XO

  7. Calling All Mermaids! What a precious theme with precious girls from a precious Mom! Loved viewing all the mer-mories! The best was thinking about seven years ago and the most memorable Memorial Day ever….Elliott’s “birthday”!

  8. What a beautiful party Aims! Down to every last detail. So cute. Happy birthday to Elliott. Where DO the years go?!

  9. Thanks, Leesh! Can you believe….SEVEN?? What happened to the days when we would stroll her through Mission Bay? WOW! Hang on! It goes fast as I’m sure you’ve noticed! Miss you lots! XOXO

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