Something Blue

Linking up again today over at Angel Face Designs for another fun Saturday post in Heather’s {Hello, I Love You…} series!

Today the prompt is BLUE.

Hello, aqua piano…


{Told Jay I wanted to buy an old piano and paint it….he said may not be a good idea because all the paint might affect the way the piano sounds. Uh, your point? Who cares how the piano sounds when it looks this cute? No offense, babe, if you’re reading}

Hello, peep toe pumps with sweet rosette…


Hello, ever so faint blue door…


Hello, beautiful isle of Capri…


I will visit you someday.

Hello Blue Velvet Cake…


I will bake you someday.

Hello, blue lifeguard tower on a Saturday morning in Hermosa Beach…

{and hello cute little beachgoers!}


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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Michaela! Can’t wait to take a longer look at your blog. 😉 Make it a great day!

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