26 Days Off

Elliott will have had 26 days {including weekends} off for Winter Break.

That means 2o-some late nights.

Twenty-some days to sleep in.

‘Til 9:30am.

Teenage years are going to be fun.

We’ve spent A LOT of time in our pajamas.


Like way too much.

But the few weeks leading up to Christmas were extra crazy this year…phone ringing, driving, baking, shopping, wrapping, etc.

So I didn’t feel too guilty when we stayed in our jams and stuck close to home these past three weeks.

We were able to get together {3 times!} with dear friends that we hadn’t seen since late September maybe…too long.

We met up with Nor Cal friends passing through at one of our local parks while the mamas got caught up and the kiddos monkey barred, climbed the hill and loaded bark into dump trucks.

We enjoyed a nice family dinner at PF Changs in Santa Monica on a cold and foggy night discussing our goals and dreams for 2012 ~ a new tradition.

With Jay being home a little more, I was able to mingle in the kitchen with some fabulous new recipes ~ one of my all-time favorite things to do ~ just me, the cutting board or the Kitchen Aid and some pins on the ‘ol boards coming to life.

We enjoyed New Year’s Eve with a driveway party, fire pit, appetizers, wine, karaoke and great conversation into the early, early first hours of twenty twelve.

The kids hit a new milestone and ventured into having their own rooms. Elliott temporarily {until we move?!?} took over the guest room and quickly peppered the walls with hand drawn hearts and peace signs for a pop of color and was ecstatic to spot some new sheets featuring her current favorites ~ above mentioned hearts, peace signs, flowers in every first graders colors of choice ~ pink, purple, aqua and lime green. Holden confidently took over Elliott’s twin bed and snuggled into his favorite outer space sheets and astronaut quilt. Now to find the strength to sell their old crib…the one they’ve curled up in for the past {almost} SEVEN years!

{Anybody local interested in purchasing an antique white Pottery Barn sleigh toddler bed? We also have the PBK mattress still in the factory plastic and a white washable cover up for sale…will be placing on Craig’s List soon}

I was able to {try} to get organized and simplify as things will immediately get ridiculous again come Tuesday morning ~ for me the less clutter and STUFF, the better! When in doubt, THROW IT OUT. Or donate it. Or hand it down. Feels SO good.

I’ve also had fun turning up the volume on Holden’s fifth birthday preparations…have most everything locked and loaded, but the invites. Oops! Looks like I worked a bit backwards this time…..

Along with all these wonderful, casual, s – l – o – w days have come with lots of excuses and not nearly enough action. Jillian is most definitely calling my name from inside the DVD case and my New Balances haven’t been hitting the pavement as much as they should be after all the holiday sweets and indulgences.

Hoping that the new back-t0-schedule days will also bring some sweat and an elevated heart rate!


Adios pajamas and hello backpacks, lunch boxes and homework!

For those who are already back in the saddle, I hope it wasn’t too bad climbing back in and for those who still have a day or two left, make it great!

One thought on “26 Days Off”

  1. phew… that is a long break.

    it sounds like it was fantastic.

    the more relaxing the break the harder it is to transition back to real life. we had that adjustment last week. i think this week might be worse than last week… tired kids already. i will admit the routine is nice although i miss some days of nothing to do. spring break is just around the corner right??

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