Hello, floppers!

Trying to keep upbeat here…

I kept Elliott home again today {so much for perfect attendance}. I just want to make certain that she is “nit free” because I DO NOT want my child to be {the one who infected the whole school}.

_ _ _ _!! {insert swear word of choice}

If we had a swear jar, we’d be able to send the family on a European vacation for a month just from the past 2 days. Many of these lovely words have been said in my head, of course, but a {few} may have slipped out. Once or twice.


In perusing the internet, I read that hair dye is good for {killing} the lice.

Awesome. I decided to kill two birds with one stone and do some preventative work on myself AND cover the grays. I am learning real quick that I will stop at nothing to get this household back to a {normal} working mode.

That said, Holden will have his head shaved this evening when Jay gets home.


This morning I stopped by my friendly neighborhood Barnes & Noble and picked up my copy of this {I ordered it last weekend}:


CANNOT wait to read it. We were sitting in the B&N parking lot, with the car running, and Elliott kept asking, “Mommy, why aren’t we going?”

“Shhhh, honey. Mama’s reading.”

Looking forward to really reading this book from cover to cover this evening when 50% of the household is tucked into bed. I really, really need this book right now.

Please check out Wendy’s blog. She’s darling and will make you laugh out loud. I particularly love {Stylin’ Saturdays}.

Book review coming up!

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