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Lucky Seven

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary!

Jay captured it so well is his Facebook status, that I’m stealing it…

I still remember so much from that day. From hitting McD’s before the ceremony to Del Taco after the reception (ask us about it later) and everything in between – the candle that refused to light, the Pomeritas, the gaming tables, stolen creme brûlées. Happy Anniversary babe!

{Elliott took a moment off from the iPod Touch to snap this for us}

Today the family celebrated by attending an inspiring mass, going to an appointment in Hollywood, having a Thai lunch at Joom Bangkok, and dining on baby backs in a cherry dijon BBQ sauce, blue cheese mashed potatoes & steamed broccoli this evening. I made my first Tiramisu as it’s {one} of Jay’s favorite desserts….recipes to come!


Needless to say, seven years has flown by. Hoping we can slow down the next seven by taking in and cherishing all {the little things} that fill our days, but I wouldn’t want my life any other way. I’m a lucky, LUCKY lady, for sure.

I love you, JWPA!

Whole Wide World

October, so far, has already been filled with so much.

My head is swirling with the fun that has been had and also the tasks that I need to catch up on because of said fun!

I celebrated {another} birthday on Saturday…it was a great day filled with cheering Jay on in an early morning 10K, my favorite burger at Red Robin for lunch, picking my in-laws up at LAX and then visiting over mexican food and margaritas at one of our new favorite places here in town. Our server brought me complimentary fried ice cream and sang ~ ay ay ay!

My mom sent me these gorgeous gerber daisies:

Thank you to all who sent wishes, shot me a little gift card or {fun money} or popped a sweet, personal gift in the mail! I am spoiled.


Recently I was sifting through papers in Elliott’s school folder and I came across this:

Those words.

They are so powerful.

I love them and I love that they’re about ME, but often times I DON’T feel like I’m the best mom/wife/daughter/friend/sister/etc. in the {hol wid wrld}.

It’s like when someone tells you you look skinny when you feel fat. Or compliments you on your style when you’re feeling frumpy. Or says how nice your house is when you know it’s a pigsty.

Their KIND words don’t mean a thing if YOU don’t believe them.

I, too want to FEEL like I am the best mom/wife/daughter/friend/sister/etc. in the whole wide world.

Thank you for that heartfelt note, my Elliott. I will treasure it always.

Mommy has a long way to go and I think and pray about it everyday.

I LOVE you family, friends & faithful followers!