Bliggity Bloggity BOO!

Welcome to my blog! I thought it’d be fun to make my first post on Halloween, but it looks like the carriage has already turned into a pumpkin!

My two little sugar-filled monsters are all tucked in and I have an extra hour to rest my weary head on my pillow tonight ~ what a TREAT!

I was inspired by a martini I saw on Food Network’s website for tonight’s ghoulish cocktail. It involved candy corn and vodka so I was immediately intrigued. The recipe called for an egg white which freaked me out so I decided to improvise a bit. I got some Mandarin Mango juice and decided to throw that in a shaker with the vodka, ice and a squeeze of lemon and see how that went. The jury is still out, but I feel the drink needs a little tweaking. Perhaps the Food Network has it all figured out with their egg white and has a higher salmonella threshold than I do. At any rate, I thought the concept was super festive for this fun Orange & Black holiday! I added a halved black licorice vine as a garnish along with the candy corns. At least I have 365 more days to perfect this for next Halloween…below is the link to FN’s version. Enjoy and nighty night!

Candy Corn Cordial

Candy Corn Cordial

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