Blessed In The West

You remember this episode of Friends, right?

The one where Ross’ turkey sandwich gets stolen from the ‘fridge at work?

Not just ANY turkey sandwich, but a Thanksgiving leftovers turkey sandwich with Monica’s “moist maker” gravy soaked bread slice in the middle.

About 12 or 13 years ago I had a sandwich that rivaled what I think Ross’ sandwich may have tasted like…at least, his reaction is probably what I would display if this sandwich was taken from me.

It was called “The Bobbie” and it came all the way from a tiny sandwich shop called Capriotti’s in Delaware. One of the Regional Sales Managers, Alain, sent sandwiches to all his peeps at the ACC credit center. Dry ice rocks!

I thought about this sandwich from time to time and in 2001 (4 years later) I was in DE for work and we went to Capriotti’s and picked up a Bobbie. Oh man, you’ve got to try this sandwich.

Check out this baby here!

Tender pulled turkey, stuffing (yes, bread on bread!), cranberry sauce and mayo on a soft roll!

The good news…there are 2 Capriotti’s here in LA. I don’t know what prompted me to Google this yesterday, but I’m glad I did. I’m thinking a trip down to Wilshire (9683 Wilshire Blvd.¬†Beverly Hills)¬†on Mother’s Day would be the perfect gift!

There are also several stores in Vegas…

According to this article from The Huffington Post, nothing was lost when this little sandwich shop in Delaware decided to branch out and move West. The Bobbie tastes just as good in glitzy Beverly Hills as it does in the little riverside city of Wilmington.

Generally, I don’t like when a small, local icon of a business franchises out, but I. AM. NOT. COMPLAINING. HERE.

Bobbie, I’ll see you real soon!


2 thoughts on “Blessed In The West”

  1. Great post!

    They oven roast fresh turkey every night before they open. When they first moved out west (the Mom and Pop retired to Vegas, I believe), they had a policy that anyone who walked in and flashed a Delaware driver’s license could get a free small Bobbie. Might have to test that…

    And Amy, when you’ve satisfied your Bobbie-craving, you might want to check out the Capistrami. Hot pastrami, and swiss with cole slaw and russian dressing. Yeah, I know….

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