{BEHR} Necessities

I wanted to share a snippet of a simple little something that I whipped up for my mom’s brunch next weekend.

It literally took less than 20 minutes and will make such a statement when guests enter the room. I am all about big WOW factor without spending a lot of WOW!

I first spotted paint chip buntingsĀ here. This is genius…free paint chips and some ribbon or twine and you’ve got color and whimsy and decor all in one ~ necessary for any party! And you can obviously tailor to ANY color scheme.

{sneak peek at [beachy brunch] decor}

1. Pick up some paint chips at your local home improvement store ~ I went to Home Depot and got Behr paint chips.

2. Print out this template ~ I used the large size, but there are four to choose from.

3. Trace the template on the BACK of the paint chip to prevent pen marks on the front of your bunting.

4. Cut triangles out.

5. Punch two holes at the top to string the twine through.

6. Arrange your cut paint chips in a row on the floor in a pattern of your choice.

7. Get your jute twine {that you purchased at HD to make you not feel so guilty about helping yourself to a handful of free paint chips} and unroll to the desired length. I like to have plenty on either end to make hanging easier.

8. String each triangle starting from the back and then through to the other side until you have all triangles strung ~ I used 12.

9. Decide how far apart you’d like your triangles and adjust accordingly ~ mine are about 2 inches apart.

10. Hang below your fireplace mantel, across a window sill or out on your front door.


It really is a HAPPY, quick and inexpensive way to decorate for a party or season.

I {may} have picked up some Halloween and fall colors.

Thanks BEHR.

Thanks Home Depot.

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  1. Too cute! I was thinking of doing this craft and using all the old scrapbook paper I have (since it’s clearly not being scrapped).

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