Will Jog For Java

Well, yesterday morning I did it.

I left the “comfort” of our neighborhood and ran {aka slow jog} to Starbucks while Jay pulled the kiddos in our new bike trailer.

As the crow flies, Starbucks is 2.5 miles, but we took the paseo route which I estimate added about half a mile or so.

I jogged the whole way except for a few minutes when we “got lost” on the paseo and had to back track.

Here I am envisioning a venti iced americano….

It was a start.

I have a long way to go to get to 13.1 miles.

I felt good and could’ve kept going…

The kids & Jay were so cute, cheering me on from time to time.

“Hi Mommy!” ~ so sweet.

Jay Sean, Miley, Katy Perry and Maxwell were just a few that also helped me out along the way!

Ran about 3/4 of a mile on the way home and power walked the rest.

I’ll go for 4+ miles this week….

December 5th will be here before you know it!

3 thoughts on “Will Jog For Java”

  1. Yay, Amy! Way to go! You’ll go farther and farther and before you know it–13.1 miles and Las Vegas! Brings back happy memories of my jogging to the doughnut shop in Mira Mesa and you, Becky and your Dad would meet me there!

  2. Hi Amy! Miss you so much! If you want to get a more precise distance for your run, use Google Earth. It’s so cool! You can zoom into your house and track the entire distance. The paseos, streets, everything shows up.

    I’d love to join you for a run

  3. Yippee for you!!! You are on your way to running success. I just booked my hotel for December. Flights are next on the list. Can’t wait to hit the strip with you in our running gear.

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