Up On The Housetop

We were up bright and early today for Elliott’s holiday dance recital.

They have 3 shows throughout the day and why do we always get the early one at 9am?

This time I did things differently and didn’t stress…we used the foam rollers and I put them in her hair before she went to bed last night and I skipped the mascara because we already determined that 5-year olds and mascara don’t mix.

She did a tap number to “Up On The Housetop”. I won’t bore you with a gazillion and one pics, but here is a cute one of her on stage:

Last night at the dress rehearsal her teacher, Miss Sandra, told me “she’s a natural”. Awwwww….yes, I am a proud mama!

{Plus look at the precision here…she’s right on count with the leader girl! OK, done bragging!}

The whole show was DARLING. The 3-year olds are too much….I almost pee in my pants from laughter because they really are too precious ~ each one doin’ their own thing.

Jay and I agreed that our fave {aside of UOTH, of course} was the lyrical piece….Jay will admit that he loves to watch lyrical. When I am glued to So You Think You Can Dance, I always joke with him, “Here’s a lyrical routine.”

Is 40 too old to learn lyrical? Maybe that can be my goal for 2011.

Hmmmmm. That wouldn’t be pretty.

Maybe I should just stick to half marathons.

Getting back to our superstar…here she is receiving her trophy from Miss Erin:

And here she is with a special guest:

Our tiny dancer:

{Please pardon the Starbucks trash}

We’re so proud of you, Elliott!

We sure think you can dance!