The Week According To Instagram

Meant to sit down and do a {turn your old, outdated framed print into a chalkboard} tutorial this week, but others things happened.

On Tuesday morning I got caught in some traffic on the way to Woodland Hills…

Because of a darling striped, ruffled shirt I spotted in Instagram {thanks, Richelle!}, I went on a wild goose chase for one {or two} for myself:

{now can you see why I had to have one? I got yellow & white…the pink is for the person responsible for all this! [wink wink]}

While whizzing through Wal-mart, my no sweets havin’ self spied these…

{it’s ON after Lent}

On Wednesday morning, I started a load of laundry before walking Elliott to school. By the grace of God I was upstairs brushing my teeth when the washer started overflowing. I immediately turned off the water, placed a call to the management office and waited for the fix-it guy…

{turns out there was just a hole in some hose that didn’t allow air in for the sensor thingy to signal that the water level was high enough…or something technical like that}

Fix-it guy said we could’ve had LOTS of water damage of I hadn’t been there to turn off the machine. Phew!

{this is Rascal sitting on my lap while we were waiting for fix-it guy}

Just when I was feeling down about our WHITER than WHITE walls, I realized that I will take white walls any day of the week if the are home to my babies’ fun artwork.

Cheeseburger Chopped Salad was what was for dinner on Wednesday…

Everything you’d put on a burger, but the bun!

{turkey burger sliders, chopped romaine, cheddar cheese shreds, tomato, red onion, pickles, jalapeƱos, real bacon bits and avocado all tossed in a bit of ranch dressing}

It was deee-lish.

Thursday Woody went to school for share day. When the letter of the week was K. Oh well, at least he buckled up for safety.

My brown-eyed, freckle nosed, side pony wearin’ girl….

Fish sticks for dinner…

Friday morning brought this gorgeous sunrise…

Getting a quick Easter gift ready for Elliott’s sweet, deserving teacher…

{reusable tumbler with little iced tea packets inside}

A trip to the mall to scope out some Easter duds…

Found some possible options for next to nothing…

{dress, $6-something and shirt, $4 ~ The Children’s Place}

Next a trip to have a picnic and feed the {duckings} as Holden calls them…

{with Ryan stocking up on bread}

{tossing bread}

{Fought the crowds at Circle K for our chance to be gazillionaires}

{we’re not gazillionaires after all}

Hit up Mickey D’s for a cone to kill time before dance class…


Not too bad of a week leading up to Spring Break!

Looking forward to a fun-filled week at home ~ visiting with friends that are moving to Australia {wah!}, coloring Easter eggs, sending off Easter greetings in the mail, frolicking with Gramma, hopefully painting a chalkboard or two and making some headway on sanding and painting my little table that I’ve been putting off for a year and a half!

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