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Easter With Rapunzel & Yogi

This little ladybug was under the weather all weekend with a low grade fever and sore throat.

I think the worst part for her is that she missed out on a Chuck E. Cheese birthday for two little friends.

Therefore, our Easter included {Tangled} and {Yogi Bear} courtesy of Red Box. Gramma sat with her while the rest of us went to mass.

{the loot}

{new jams & a lolli}

{the Easter Wiener ~ how can you say “no” to this face?}

{with her Lolo}

{waiting for the pews to fill up}

{a quick backyard egg hunt before returning to the infirmary}


Aside from a couple underarm thermometer readings, a dose of children’s Advil and some non-Chuck E. havin’ tears, the weekend was nice with my in-laws here from the Carolinas and a quick visit from Gramma K.

They were able to see her arabesque, passe and shuffle step at dance on Friday so all was not lost….

At Easter, we are blessed with renewed HOPE and FAITH.

Hoping yours was filled with the same….sans any long-haired princesses or Jellystone livin’ bears.