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Speaking of…

SPRING, I was perusing through The Oprah Magazine this weekend and came across her fashion must-haves for this rapidly approaching season.

Normally I am not searching for the latest trends…if I see something and I like it (and I can afford it), I pick it up. I hate to say, though, that I am one of those people that wear black year round. I love color and most of my wardrobe is solid pieces that I try to spice up with a cute necklace or a scarf here and there, but black is my “safe” color.

Lately I’m trying to be a little more “up” on the hip trends, but also reminding myself that I am rapidly approaching a milestone birthday which has a number that rhymes with “door”.

I figured these trends were safe if they were coming from Oprah!

So, let’s check it out, shall we?

Sequined Tank:

{DG2 for HSN}

Easy Blazer:

(more of a flowy fit rather than fitted)

{The Oprah Magazine}

Jersey Dresses:

{Old Navy}

Utility Jacket:

(I love denim because it goes with everything ~ except MORE denim!)


Straw, Resin or Wood Bangles:

{Charles Winston ~ Amazon}

{Marley London ~ Etsy}

{Nvie Designs ~ Amazon}

Spicy Palette:

{The Oprah Magazine}

I also learned that scarves are still “in” for Spring. I do love a cute little scarf to spruce up the average tee or wife beater!

How darling is this:

It almost screams “Spring!” to me. Sweet, sassy, ruffly.


So, I have 12 days to see what I can find to support my new style conscious attitude.

Happy shopping!

(After all, Spring Shopping sounds much more fun than Spring Cleaning.)