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Hi friends!

Can’t believe it’s been over a week since I posted….I was doing so well and then things got extra busy I guess.

Two weekends ago I took a little getaway down to Carlsbad and attended a ladies retreat that was hosted by Mission Hills Community Church. Some friends {Richelle, Julie, Stephanie & Amanda} were extremely involved in the planning and I was fortunate enough to partake and enjoy the fruits of ALL their labor. As I mentioned before, this weekend away was my Christmas gift from Jay and it couldn’t have been more perfect.


The theme of the retreat was “Blessed” as quoted in Jeremiah 17:7.

The decor team transformed the meeting room at The Carlsbad Inn into a colorful place of worship with burlap, adorable buntings and banners, milk glass, hoop art and the retreat’s color scheme ~ aqua and yellow. Every eyesore in the room was covered with beautiful antique and vintage pieces for the most pulled together, cohesive atmosphere.


Little handmade cupcake liner flowers peeked out of Mason jars and watering cans…


We were spoiled with all sorts of treats…tote bags, beautiful handmade journals, logo’d insulated plastic cups, darling coffee cozies and the most lovingly made {blessed} signs as we wrapped up and said goodbye to a wonderful weekend!




We had the chance to make necklaces with hundreds of little graphics and designs to choose from. I chose a seashell to remind me of this special weekend meeting and visiting with women all with a breathtaking ocean view as the backdrop.


It wasn’t too bad waking up to this view two mornings in a row…





We ate like queens with the most thoughtful continental breakfast spread each morning as well as Panera for lunch and a dessert table each night that was to-die-for.

For dinner we were on our own to explore the town of Carlsbad and pick from loads of little restaurants all within walking distance.


It was truly a weekend that I will remember forever. I met SO many sweet, godly women, but one of them will always touch my heart ~ thank you, Maria, for our chat. So grateful that HE paired us up and I had the chance to get to know you and hear your testimonial. XO


Upon returning home to my little family that I missed so, was the usual Sunday evening frenzy followed by a busy week ahead.

We missed soccer practice the previous week due to a day of illness, but were ready to get some practice in for our first games this past weekend…


{One Ninja & one Pink Panther}

I also attended a first holy communion retreat with Elliott this past Saturday. She painted a glass, made a quilt square and kneaded her own unleavened bread to prepare for this sacrament in a couple months.We both thoroughly enjoyed it and I almost snuck a glass and painted one myself! So fun….



Today, and everyday, I am counting my blessings. They are most definitely abundant and I no doubt recognize them.

Today I am blessed with new friends, a stronger faith, a healthy family and so much more.

I hope you’ll take a little time out of all the craziness and chaos and remind yourself how blessed you are!

Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

The {Rite} Kind Of Weekend

Another great weekend…

Even though it started out with coughs, sneezes and runny noses {me}, it ended up fabulously and just what the doctor ordered.

On Saturday I went to a retreat with my RCIA class to prepare for our Rite of Acceptance yesterday. I loved, loved, loved spending time with my sponsor Rhonda who is also Elliott’s catchiest on Thursday afternoons. She is like a long lost twin sister….there were two breakouts where we were given a time to report back to the main room and BOTH times we were the last ones in there with everyone waiting for us! The first time they had to send someone out to find us ~ we were too busy chatting it up and didn’t notice the time. I love that…it means that she was brought into my life at the perfect moment to come along and share this journey with me and I could not be happier. In the short time I’ve known her, I am proud to say that she is already a dear friend and I cannot imagine how close we will be in a year from this Easter when I go through the sacrament of baptism. So excited.

After the retreat I took Elliott to the mall for a self-arranged play date with her little classmate, Ashley. They arranged all by themselves to meet at Claire’s at the mall at 3:00 on Saturday afternoon and have their ears pierced together! Each day at pick up Ashley would excitedly run up to me with more details as the week went on ~ Monday it was that she wanted E to come to the mall to get her ears pierced on Saturday. On Wednesday it was that we were going to meet at 3pm and then on Thursday it was that we were going to meet at Claire’s. Boom. Done. I sent a note to Ashley’s mom confirming the ear piercing party and sure enough she had it on the books, too and was glad that I confirmed because she was going to do the same thing. Ha!

{smiling their toothless smiles BEFORE getting two holes in their ears}

{getting the purple marker dots}

{All done…another rite of passage}

{Elliott & Ashley and their two cheerleaders in the background}

{cleaning solution and care instructions!}

So fun….the mamas were joking that we hope the next first grader arranged play date isn’t at the tattoo parlor!


Sunday morning was my rite of passage…we went to the 10:30 mass where the candidates {me} were received.

Here are Rhonda and me waiting to go up and answer a couple questions from the priest…

What do you ask at this time from God?

{I ask for his strength when I am weak, his grace when I do not deserve it, and to always feel his loving arms around me}

What do you ask of the community of Blessed Kateri?

{I ask that it provide, with open arms, a sacred place to gather with my brothers and sisters in Christ on our journey to glorify God}


It was a beautiful, faith-filled weekend with a couple very special rites of passage ~ one for Elliott and one for me!

Couldn’t have been more perfect.

24-hour Mini Retreat

Just returned from an overnight stay in beautiful Montecito.

This 24-hour mini retreat did include the kids, however, I am feeling so revived and renewed and ready for the rest of the summer.

The 4 little ones completely entertained themselves and the mommies were able to sit under the shade of an umbrella on the deck, exchange stories, take in the view and step away from the everyday norm for a minute.

I truly appreciate the chance to be in these breathtaking surroundings even if just for a short 24 hours.

This photo journal says it all…

Thank you, Mel for hosting.

Enjoyed the conversations. The midnight dip in the hot tub.

Just what I needed.

So grateful.