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{Simple} Sunday

Today was a simple, family day.

: Hot coffee with hazelnut creamer :

: Bike ride to Albertson’s :

: Grilled cheeseburgers with crinkle fries and Sriracha Ranch :

: Quick Slip N Slide action in the backyard :

: Outdoor play-doh fun :

: Football and more football :

: New dinner recipe :


My sweet, now in CO friend, Alicia, was so kind to send me a subscription to “Real Simple” magazine. I forgot just how much I love this publication. Full of ways to simplify, but still thoroughly enjoy life. Since I am currently obsessed with purging, this mag fits the bill perfectly. Thanks again, Leesh! I love the monthly love in my mailbox.

This month’s issue had a recipe that caught my eye. We’ve been talking about grilling up a pork tenderloin for weeks and when I scouted this one, I knew this was it.

Chili-Glazed Pork With Sweet Potato Hash

Uh, chili powder and maple glazed pork with sweet potatoes? Yes, please!

It was the perfect recipe for our maiden {pork tenderloin} voyage! Jay grilled the pork instead of broiling as the recipe suggested.

The sweet potatoes paired with the Sriracha sauce?


And I love that there is some spinach thrown in to make you feel extra good about this dish. Next time I will add lots more spinach and maybe half the sweet potato to reduce the starch in the meal.

Love. Love. Love.


And here is some proof that you can break out the water slide in January in So Cal…


Hope your weekend was full of all things {simple}.

No Foolin’

Don’t know why I didn’t post this yesterday on April Fool’s Day…nobody would’ve believed me!

While strolling through Valencia Town Center, I swear I saw Derek J from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. No joke…

I mean how can you mistake this outfit ~ ultra tight skinny jeans and all! No, he was not in pumps, but he did have a handbag!

I tried not to stare, but instead of being “star stuck”, I was more trying to figure out what the heck he was doing in Valencia! Yes, there are a lot of TV shows and movies filmed out here, but…………?

This makes the second “famous” person that I’ve seen since living here ~ the first being Steve O from Jackass at The Grove.

Anyway, it made me laugh and I wish I would’ve stopped and talked to him, but we were on our way out and he was on his way in to I don’t know where!

{Photos from essence.com}