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Get Movin’ In June

Hello and Happy June!

I meant to pop in yesterday, but the day got away from me…looks like the year is getting away from me, too. Yikes.

Marta over at {Haus Of Girls} is promoting a little challenge for the month of June that I immediately hopped on board with.

40 Miles In June

If you’re on Instagram you can report your daily progress there with hashtag #40milesinjune and cheer on your fellow participants. If you’re not on IG and you want to commit to 40 miles, put a little chart on your fridge and tally your miles there. Or maybe grab a Mason jar and 40 marbles and drop one in every time you complete a mile! It’s 1.3 miles a day {or just a wee bit more since it’s already June 2nd!}.

1.3 miles is nothing…a little after dinner stroll. A pick-me-up walk on your lunch hour with co-workers. A walk to or from school with your kids instead of driving. An early morning jaunt before it gets too warm.

Run or walk…doesn’t matter. I’m even going to claim elliptical or treadmill miles! Shoooooot.

I just squeezed in 3 miles before we head to a graduation party this afternoon and I’m truly looking forward to getting out tomorrow and doing the same.

I love Marta’s slogan too ~ “Strong Is The New Skinny!”

C’mon, who’s with me?

Come find me on Instagram ~ @aaspiras


Only 37 miles to go.

Let’s do this.