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Your Fruit Will Love You

I was reintroduced to this dip by an old neighbor…thank you, Marcie!

Ginger Orange Fruit Dip

1 8oz. package cream cheese, softened (you can also use the whipped variety)

1 jar marshmallow fluff

A few shakes ground ginger root (or fresh!)

Some orange zest

{You can also use vanilla or almond extract instead of the ginger and/or orange zest. A scraped vanilla bean would be fantastic and leave all those beautiful little specks}

Mix all together and make your fruit sing!

Strawberries work the best, but I have also used apple slices, Cutie orange segments, banana slices (yummy, but hard to dip!) and large Costco grapes.

Perfect for baby showers, bridal showers, brunches or summer afternoons in the park with your Mommy friends!

Dip away……