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I am not pregnant.

{Yes. Holden has been wearing a caddywhompus, upside down Toy Story band-aid across his face for 2 days now}

We piggybacked into Magic Mountain with our friends, the Sullivans, today. {Thanks again, guys!}

MM is just about literally in our own backyard, but we have yet to take the kids there in the almost 3 years we’ve been in Valencia. Of course, Jay and I have been there a handful of times, but it has been, gosh…20 years since I’ve stepped foot in that place.

Elliott was tall enough to go on Ninja.

Oh my. I am not the thrill ride seeker that I once was. On the ride I was half worrying about her and half thinking that I was going to lose my pb&j and banana lunch.

I had a little nausea for several minutes after we got off the ride…I was a little embarrassed. Does this come with age? Should I go on all these big time coasters BEFORE lunch? Should I just stick to the carousel and the Log Jammer? Which, by the way, that last hill……ugh! Not what I remembered. The wetness was welcomed on the warm day, however.

It was a fun {low key} day at the Mountain, but I need to work on my thrill ride tolerance.

Big time.